Consuming More Zombie TV: Shows beyond The Walking Dead


Zombie Abraham Lincolns Z NationZombies have come to permeate our popular culture. Comics, novels, anime, video games, television, movies—there’s no medium that the living dead haven’t overrun. With the mainstream success of The Walking Dead, television has exposed a huge audience to these reanimated corpses. Right about now, you might be looking for some alternative zombie television programming to fill your revenant cravings. When choosing from such a vast menu of choices, your TV viewing doesn’t have to be a somber, survivalist slog. Try these fun selections to add some zest to your zombie watching experience.

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3 Reasons to Love The CW


Renewed CWOnce upon a time there was an upstart television network called The CW. Its beginnings were complicated and its name was kinda lame, but The CW network came to capture our hearts, and even our souls. Some critics like to dismiss The CW, saying that it targets younger viewers, all the stars are good looking, and that the seasons pack in a lot of episodes. We say, uh, how are those things a problem? The truth is that The CW has some of the most interesting and innovative shows on TV. The CW is a small but plucky television network. Did we say plucky? We meant awesome. There’s lots to love about The CW—it’s supernatural mythology, comic culture, and dramatic flair.

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Catching Up With iZombie


iZombieS2The second season of iZombie begins tonight (CW, 9/8c)! We’re looking forward to catching up with our favorite revenant medical examiner, along with her friends, family and foes.

The finale of the inaugural season of iZombie, “Blaine’s World,” did not disappoint. Episode 13 was jam-packed with game-changing events and several explosions. Besides a fantastic “Der Kommisar”-soundtracked action sequence, a few other things happened: Continue reading

iZombie S01E12 Review: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat


crosstheroadThe penultimate Season 1 episode of iZombie—“Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat”—was directed by Mairzee Almas and written by show Co-executive Producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright. A rogue zombie of Liv’s own creation is causing some sloppy carnage, Blaine is on the warpath in pursuit of his purloined astronaut brains, and pretty much everyone gets themselves into some serious hot water. Continue reading

iZombie S01E11 Review: Astroburger


CuckoosNestThe 11th episode of iZombie, “Astroburger,” was so funny—and so frustrating. Liv talks to Cheezy-Puff demons and imaginary people, and Ravi gets one small step closer to a cure while Blaine makes a giant leap for zombiekind in the form of astronaut salad. Written by Kit Boss and directed by Michael Fields, “Astroburger” sends us hurtling toward the season finale with revelations both real and imagined. Continue reading

iZombie S01E10 Review: Mr. Berserk


Babs & LivAs the first season of iZombie heads toward its conclusion, the show continues on its path of being less a simple procedural drama and more a zombie apocalypse saga, as we learn more about the possible evil facilitators of the Seattle zombie outbreak—and the possibility of zombie events in other parts of the country as well. In Episode 10, “Mr. Berserk,” written by Dierdre Mangan & Graham Norris and directed by Jason Bloom, Liv (Rose McIver) must deal with the aftermath of her boyfriend’s murder by Blaine (David Anders) while experiencing the brain of an alcoholic investigative reporter. Ravi gets a few steps closer to finally telling Major (Robert Buckley) the truth about Seattle’s zombie infestation, and the Seattle PD brass falls under further suspicion by those in the know about Team Z. Continue reading

iZombie S01E09 Review: Patriot Brains


28 milliseconds laterIn Episode 9 of iZombie, “Patriot Brains,” Liv takes on sniper skills along with a case of PTSD, Ravi stays un-undead, and we ostensibly learn how to kill a zombie … and how not to. Written by Robert Forman and directed by Guy Bee, this installment takes us to some pretty dark places.

For those viewers wondering where all the existential horror of being brain-eaters has been for the zombies on this show—well, here it finally is. Last week’s show ended with Liv experiencing the terrifying last living moments of poor young Jerome. And as if that weren’t bad enough, she got her sample of Jerome’s cerebellum from her boyfriend Lowell, whereby she learns that he’s getting his meals from Blaine’s murderous meat market. She’s horrified and furious, but it’s Lowell who really takes on the full brunt of what he’s done (and who he’s eaten) when he admits to himself that he just didn’t want to know the truth about where his meals were coming from. Lowell is contrite, lovelorn, filled with self-loathing—and not long for this earth. Continue reading