iZombie S01E06 Review: Virtual Reality Bites

We were alarmed to see Major on the slab at the morgue. I guess we have grown attached to his character.

We were alarmed to see Major on the slab at the morgue. I guess we have grown attached to his character.

In “Virtual Reality Bites,” Episode 6 of iZombie, Liv picks up some hacker proficiency and sort of gets to go on a date. Babineaux is unwittingly almost murdered by Blaine’s brain chef, and Major collects more clues to the disappearance of two shelter kids. Oh, and Ravi gets to flex his gamer skillz in pursuit of a killer.

The show is beginning to hit its stride as the disparate storylines have all started to come together. Blaine is established as a very bad zombie with a thriving brain business and a host of minions. Major has now taken on a role beyond Liv’s handsome ex-fiancé, devoting himself to finding the kids that have gone missing from Helton Shelter. And Babineaux is settling into a routine of using Liv as his de facto partner—maybe the recent revelation that zombieism has permeated the upper ranks of the Seattle Police Department provides a clue as to why no one seems to care that Clive doesn’t have a partner and that a pasty-faced young assistant medical examiner is usually present during his interrogations.

rimesceneThe Brain-of-the-Week is a shut-in gamer and internet troll, and he’s been dead more than a week when the body is discovered, so the brains are rotten. Ew. The agoraphobia prevents Liv from going out on her big date, and the troll gamer skills and lifestyle leave her glued to the computer and munching cheesy puffs all day. But her date drops in when she leaves a message explaining that she can’t go out, and is not put off by her cheese-dust-smeared sweatpants. We learn that he obtains his brain meals from an accommodating funeral director (not, apparently, from Blaine’s charcuterie—whew!).

And Blaine has been up to plenty of mischief. When his rich zombie friend Jackie’s (Sarah-Jane Redmond) side of brains are not included in her Meat Cute delivery, she eats the delivery boy. He ends up in the morgue after being found in the woods with some post-mortem bear mauling marks, and hundreds of dollars of expensive charcuterie food in his stomach. Even Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) realizes that for a 19-year-old runaway, this is an odd last meal. Det. Babs even goes to Meat Cute with a photo of the dead delivery boy to see if they know him, and Blaine (David Anders) nearly succeeds in luring him into the back, where the chef, Cissie (Tanja Dixon-Warren), is waiting with a cleaver. Luckily Liv calls with a new lead on the case, and he leaves without seeing the dismembered bodies scattered about the back room of the shop and being hacked up himself.

Oh, and Blaine is not happy about Jackie’s lack of discretion in killing the delivery boy and leading the police to his door—so Blaine pays her a visit with an electric drill and a pair of safety glasses in hand. No more Jackie. Babineaux is not the only person to drop in to Meat Cute—Liv’s mom (Molly Hagan) does some shopping there, and mentions to Blaine that her son needs a job, if they need delivery boys. Oh dear. So both Liv’s mom and Babineaux have now met Blaine, but are clueless about his evil ways (as well as about the whole zombies-exist-in-Seattle thing). Major (Robert Buckley) knows Blaine is a baddie, but is also in the dark about zombies. And Liv (Rose McIver) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli), while obviously in on the zombie thing, have only recently begun to realize the extent of Blaine’s villainy—they don’t know he’s the big local brain distributor yet, for instance.

Ravi gleefully gets to help out on the case by virtue of his expertise in playing the MMORPG that the murder victim played. There’s a little Easter egg in that Ravi’s in-game character is apparently a were-terrier (like Spot/Scott of the iZOMBIE comic book). With all the new connections made this week between characters, tonight’s (Tue. April 28) episode should be fun. Here’s a sneak peek.

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