New Supernatural Series to Haunt Your Dreams


The Haunting of House HillLooking for some spooky series to enjoy during the cold nights of fall? Whether it’s Halloween or Harvest, the fall is the perfect time for an evening of fun and fear. This season provides some intriguing television options concerning the supernatural realm. Continue reading

Why The 100 is One of the Best Shows on TV Today


wc The 100 landingThe 100 has proven to be a very interesting and complex show, gradually becoming one of the most fascinating series on television today. Initially, it felt more like a teen drama than a dystopian tale. Then it quickly became clear that The 100 is a captivating story about the challenges of building community and dealing with human conflict.

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3 Reasons to Love The CW


Renewed CWOnce upon a time there was an upstart television network called The CW. Its beginnings were complicated and its name was kinda lame, but The CW network came to capture our hearts, and even our souls. Some critics like to dismiss The CW, saying that it targets younger viewers, all the stars are good looking, and that the seasons pack in a lot of episodes. We say, uh, how are those things a problem? The truth is that The CW has some of the most interesting and innovative shows on TV. The CW is a small but plucky television network. Did we say plucky? We meant awesome. There’s lots to love about The CW—it’s supernatural mythology, comic culture, and dramatic flair.

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