iZombie S01E05 Review: Flight of the Living Dead

bloody marias

Lowell’s extra spicy bloody Marias

In Episode 5 of iZombie, “Flight of the Living Dead,” things really start moving—an experienced skydiver is impaled on a tree branch, Liv meets a young gentleman zombie with a sexy accent, and Major takes the search for his missing wards into his own hands when the police are suspiciously unhelpful.

Almost all of the characters’ stakes change this week, as the case-of-the-week becomes personal. Holly White was an adventurous, wild spirit who was once a sorority sister of Liv and Peyton’s at Theta Mu—that is, until they both voted to kick her out. Apparently she … played loud music at night? (We can only imagine how insufferable pre-med Liv, her pre-law pal Peyton and their like-minded sorority sisters must have been.) The descriptions of Liv’s undergrad self, along with her rhapsody on memories of a good egg salad sandwich (leading to Ravi’s perfect bored response: “#YOLO”), serve as counterpoints to the changes affected when she eats some of her dead old friend Holly’s brains and becomes adventurous. Continue reading

iZombie S01E04 Review: Live and Let Clive

Chile, kale and brain breakfast smoothie—what have we become?

Blaine’s chile, kale and brain breakfast smoothie

Although this week’s iZombie episode, “Live and Let Clive,” was still heavy on the one-off police drama, we got to know Det. Clive Babineaux a little better, and see just what else Blaine has been up to lately.

The story involves the murder of a gang member (Liv’s brain-of-the-week), and we learn that there is a supply chain from Hong Kong to Seattle of utopium. Liv suspects from her visions that Clive is a dirty cop, and although as viewers we don’t really buy it, it works in combination with Liv’s brain-transferred paranoia. One fun aspect of the cop/gang story is that we get to see Ravi out on the case, looking for clues with Liv. Ravi also ends up moving in with Major at the encouragement of Liv, who feels that Major’s new girlfriend is moving in on her abandoned territory. We wonder how long Ravi can share a home with someone without spilling the beans about Liv’s condition—we are guessing not that long. Continue reading

iZombie S01E03 Review: The Exterminator


marcyIn Episode 3 of iZombie, “The Exterminator,” a third zombie is discovered, Liv eats some bad brains, and a familiar-looking young tech billionaire is suspected of murder.

Liv had a pretty good time when eating a lusty murdered artist’s brains last week in Episode 2, “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain,” so the batch she tastes today is quite a counterpoint. Although the cadaver came into the morgue as a hit-and-run victim, it turns out he was a sociopathic hit man, and was himself murdered. (There are murders all over the place in this episode.) Instead of taking on emotional traits and feelings, she finds herself with a head full of trivia and a decided lack of empathy—but as with the artist’s brain, there is still a draw to try to extend the experience. The hard lack of emotional connection to other people comes as a relief in some ways. Liv’s zombie resting state must be more of a dull despair than an absence of feeling.

Continue reading

iZombie S01E02 Review: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?


butI'maZombieIn Episode Two of iZombie, “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”, Liv helps solve the murder-by-paintbrush of a libidinous artist, and we learn that Liv is not the only one of her kind in Seattle.

Blaine (David Anders) is the very same fellow who tried to sell drugs to Liv on the ill-fated party boat. Seems like Blaine’s batch of Utopium must have been cut with some goofer dust or something—he and half the party guests quite suddenly went full zombie, and he infected Liv with a bloody scratch to the forearm. At the end of the pilot episode, we saw Liv having victim flashes from a late-night brain snack and saw Blaine’s face as he attacked the brain’s former owner. Continue reading

iZombie S01E01 Review: Pilot


izombieposterOur usual feeling is that network TV needs another police procedural like a hole in the head, but we’ll make an exception to that rule for a crime-fighting zombie. iZombie comes with the imprimatur of Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero, and the pilot holds up to that expectation, with snappy dialogue and fun characters.

As mentioned in our Sneak Peek, iZombie is based on a comic book (it was kind of exciting to see the big “Vertigo” logo at the end of the show!), and although it diverges from the book quite a lot right off the bat, it still retains some good bits. Our heroine, Liv Moore (Rose McIver), looks quite like Gwen of the comic. And the great title sequence (featuring music by Deadboy and the Elephantmen) is done in comic style by Michael Allred, co-creator and illustrator of the comic book series. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: iZombie


izombie posterThere are a host of theories as to why the appeal of zombie fiction continues to grow. Whatever the underlying psychological implications, we have high hopes for the CW’s new show iZombie, beginning on March 17.

Based on the short-run DC/Vertigo comic iZOMBIE (or I, Zombie, depending on whom you ask), iZombie the TV show has some good things going for it. Besides its basis in a great comic by writer Chris Roberson and artist extraordinaire Michael Allred, the show is being helmed by writer/producer Rob Thomas. (We are fans of Thomas’s previous productions Veronica Mars and Party Down.) Continue reading