Catching Up With iZombie

iZombieS2The second season of iZombie begins tonight (CW, 9/8c)! We’re looking forward to catching up with our favorite revenant medical examiner, along with her friends, family and foes.

The finale of the inaugural season of iZombie, “Blaine’s World,” did not disappoint. Episode 13 was jam-packed with game-changing events and several explosions. Besides a fantastic “Der Kommisar”-soundtracked action sequence, a few other things happened:

  •  After going on a full-on zombie-killing spree, Major, The Nicest Guy on TV™, was mortally injured, turned into a zombie, and then turned back again
  • Liv made several highly questionable decisions in rapid succession
  • Detective Clive Babineaux remained oblivious to the zombie threat
  • Roommate Peyton went from rarely-seen to full-on missing
  • Meet Cute, the local brain deli, blew up (along with Detective Suzuki), and seriously injured Liv’s brother in the process
  • Blaine was turned from a murderous zombie into just a regular murderous guy

(Need to do a quick rewatch before tonight’s season premiere? Although sadly gone from both the CW site and Hulu/Hulu+, Season 1 is now on Netflix and is also available for purchase from Amazon Video.)

We expect Season Two to continue the gruesome fun, combining stand-alone murder mystery stories with an ever-more complex larger story arc regarding the growing zombie threat in Seattle and elsewhere, and the race for a cure.

Bonus: Fans of both Veronica Mars and iZombie should check out the CW Seed series Play It Again, Dick, featuring not only your favorite VM actors, but also hilarious cameos by both Rose McIver (Liv) and Robert Buckley (Major) of iZombie.

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