Consuming More Zombie TV: Shows beyond The Walking Dead


Zombie Abraham Lincolns Z NationZombies have come to permeate our popular culture. Comics, novels, anime, video games, television, movies—there’s no medium that the living dead haven’t overrun. With the mainstream success of The Walking Dead, television has exposed a huge audience to these reanimated corpses. Right about now, you might be looking for some alternative zombie television programming to fill your revenant cravings. When choosing from such a vast menu of choices, your TV viewing doesn’t have to be a somber, survivalist slog. Try these fun selections to add some zest to your zombie watching experience.

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What The Walking Dead Can Learn from Z Nation


Z nationZombie culture has reached new heights with television, cinema, comics, novels, conventions, and every other form of popular media you can think of. AMC’s The Walking Dead, now in its 6th season, is one of the most popular television shows today and spawned the sister series Fear the Walking Dead last summer. Meanwhile the lesser-known series Z Nation has just finished its second season on the SyFy channel. Continue reading