Teen Wolf S06E08 Recap: Blitzkrieg


stiles-claudia-teen-wolf-blitzkriegIn “Blitzkrieg,” the Ghost Riders are conducting a sustained attack on the town of Beacon Hills. As most the town gets picked off, we start to wonder—is this how Teen Wolf is going to end? Will everyone eventually be cast into oblivion, or at least an oblivion-like train station? At first we think, “Oh, Lord, don’t let it end in a train station.” Then we realize that leaving Beacon Hills completely empty, except for a lone banshee living in Eichen House, would kind of be an amazing ending for the Teen Wolf series. And then they all lived as Ghost Riders forever … Continue reading

Teen Wolf S06E07 Review: Heartless


liam-theo-hayden-teen-wolf-heartlessWho is the most “Heartless” in Teen Wolf? There are several potential candidates in Season 6, but “Heartless” appears to be the start of Theo’s redemption story. Can a stone-cold killer be redeemed? If he has a perfect smile and great abs, then maybe. After Liam’s attempt to show his alpha skills and take initiative, Scott finds himself involved with this unwanted ally once again. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S06E06 Review: Ghosted


scott-lydia-malia-canaan-teen-wolf-ghostedIn “Ghosted” Teen Wolf introduces us to the creepy town of Canaan. While the seniors check out what appears to be an uninhabited community, the sophomores stir up trouble back n Beacon Hills. And it’s not just the teens taking drastic actions in “Ghosted.” Continue reading

Teen Wolf S06E03 Review: Sundowning


ghost-rider-teen-wolf-sundowningWhen you watch a supernatural series for many years, you know there will be scary new creatures, deceptive characters, and interesting plot twists. Even so, it’s extra fun when you’re genuinely surprised. “Sundowning” gave us a gasp-worthy moment that tied this story back to last season. Teen Wolf certainly knows how to keep our attention. Continue reading

Monster of the Week: The Wild Hunt

Franz Von Stuck The Wild Chase

The Wild Chase (1889) by Franz Von Stuck

Tales of the spectral horde known as the Wild Hunt abound throughout Europe. Since pre-Christian times, the Wild Huntsman and his horde of hunters and hellhounds have hurtled through the night sky. Those who find themselves alone on a winter night may hear the sounds of a horn, the distant wail of the hounds, and the pounding of hooves as the Wild Huntsman and his supernatural companions approach. Continue reading