Teen Wolf S06E07 Review: Heartless

liam-theo-hayden-teen-wolf-heartlessWho is the most “Heartless” in Teen Wolf? There are several potential candidates in Season 6, but “Heartless” appears to be the start of Theo’s redemption story. Can a stone-cold killer be redeemed? If he has a perfect smile and great abs, then maybe. After Liam’s attempt to show his alpha skills and take initiative, Scott finds himself involved with this unwanted ally once again.

Let’s not bury the lede—Mason has a superpower! It’s finding Corey, even when he’s in chameleon mode. Will Mason still be able to find Corey now that he’s been disappeared? Let’s hope the loss of Corey will bring out some dormant Beast power in Mason.

Riders on the Storm

teen-wolf-heartlessNo, Mason is not the lede! It’s that the Teen Wolf gang captured a Ghost Rider. We always want to call those dudes Night Rangers—must be connected the ’80s flashback. Using an electrical transformer and metal cage, they capture a Ghost Rider. It was a cool plan except for the fact they had no plan but to try to talk to him after they caught him. When that didn’t work they brought in Deputy Parrish to chat with the Ghost Rider.

They clearly didn’t check the Bestiary as Lydia did in “Status Asthmaticus.” If they had, they would have learned the connection between the Wild Hunt and Hellhounds is pretty powerful:

“Woden’s Hunt, also known as the Wild Ride or Wild Hunt. A myth of devilish riders in the sky accompanied by black dogs, spectral beasts whose eyes glowed with fire. A Bearer of Death and Guardian of the Supernatural, the black dog is also known by its more common name … The Hellhound.”

The Dread Doctors may be dead, but they’ve left their mark on Season 6 of Teen Wolf. Mr. Douglas, aka the green slime experiment, aka the Nazi Werewolf, has emerged from the Clinic of Horrors to haunt the school hallways and electrical substations of Beacon Hills. While the others are busy pushing the flaming Parrish out the door before he can help the Ghost Rider escape, Mr. Douglas shows up. Theo clearly knows Mr. Douglas is the Nazi werewolf with the green goo who the Dread Doctors kept in their specimen jar.

mr-douglas-teen-wolf-heartlessTheo suggests that Mr. Douglas tell the others who he is, which leaves us with a whole series of unanswered questions. Mr. Douglas isn’t paying attention anyway because he’s busy transforming into a Frankenstein-like werewolf in order to kill and eat the enlarged pineal gland of the Ghost Rider. This is all he needs to gain the soul-stealing powers of the Ghost Riders, as evidenced by his first victim—Corey. Hey! You killed Corey! Well, we don’t know exactly what he did to Corey, but it didn’t look nice.

Ask Me No Questions

Despite their success in catching a Ghost Rider, “Heartless” leaves us with way more questions than answers. Why would Theo think the Nazi Werewolf should reveal his true identity to our heroes? Mr. Douglas seems pretty evil, and there’s also the fact that he helped the Nazis. Oh, and he killed Corey, or did something to him that involved green smoke. Finally, he kills people and eats their pineal glands. He seems pretty evil, right? It wasn’t only the nature of Mr. Douglas we were left wondering about. When did Scott learn about the pineal gland murders? Did his mom tell him about her illicit autopsy? Where did Corey go? But our biggest question is whether or not Theo has changed.

Everybody loves a reformed bad boy. It appears that during Theo’s time in the ground, the Skinwalkers made sure he got some learnin’ through tortuous visions of his sister. His repeated dreams of taking his sister’s heart and her taking his looked unpleasant to say the least. Were they unpleasant enough to make Theo change his ways? If anyone can make Theo change, it’s probably the Skinwalkers. After all, they convinced Kira to leave the show.

Meet the Stilinskis

claudia-stilinski-teen-wolf-heartlessIn usual fashion, Teen Wolf packs this episode with several storylines. Sheriff Stilinski tears down the wall and uncovers Stiles’ hidden room. When his [dead] wife finds him standing in the empty, decrepit room, she claims, “There are so many simple explanations for why this is here. But we had a son we’ve forgotten is not one of them.” What the hell? There’s a reasonable explanation for a room that no one noticed all the time? Heck, light was coming through the boards on the window so it couldn’t have been that well hidden. We’re definitely out on Mrs. Stilinski after that. We’d been open to the possibility that Claudia Stilinski was also an innocent victim of the Wild Hunt, but this scene sent us into red alert mode.

lydia-sheriff-stilinski-teen-wolf-heartlessWhen Lydia comes by later (we’re guessing Claudia was out) the Sheriff is willing to discuss the possibility that he may have had a son. Lydia can see what the Sheriff can’t, until the moment she throws him Stiles’ jersey. This emotionally charged moment, highlighted by the haunting “Murder Song” by Aurora, brought tears to our eyes even on the second watch. Love that Stilinski father-son relationship.

Herbal Remedies

Malia wants Mrs. McCall to fix her father Peter Hale so they can learn more about the Wild Hunt. Mrs. McCall warns her, “Your father is a ruthless con man who always has a devious plan to hurt everyone around him. What happens when he gets up out of that bed? You got a plan of your own?” Malia figures they have nothing to lose if Mrs. McCall tries her magic on Peter and he dies, since, you know, who cares, it’s Peter. When he doubts her ability to help heal his supernatural wounds, she snaps back, “I know about the nine herbs,” and busts out an herb-filled needle that she stabs into his chest. Mrs. McCall has got it going on! The cure works, so Malia takes her father into the woods to find the portal he came out of. Peter’s dubious, but when they hear horses he gets all paternal and tells Malia to run. We don’t really buy that he wants to protect Malia though, since, as he notes to himself, self-preservation is kind of his thing.


scott-teen-wolf-heartlessTheo’s not the only heartless one here. Claudia Stilinski seems to be trying to keep her husband from learning the truth. It’s like she’s a ghoul. Then there’s Peter Hale, who is very good at getting people to believe he has redeeming qualities and then using them in some terrible way.  While doing some interesting character work, Teen Wolf also managed to continue to scare the bejesus out of us with the Ghost Riders. Those dudes are scary, even when trapped in a cage. “Heartless” leaves us a with a lot of questions, giving us something to look forward to next time.

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