Supernatural S12E15 Review: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell


Dean ghoul Supernatural Somewhere Between Heaven and HellWe won’t feign excitement about every episode of Supernatural, but we do enjoy quite a lot of them. And then there are those we love. “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” proves that Supernatural just gets better with age. Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), and Mark Sheppard (Crowley) know their characters so well that they can tell us more with a downcast look or monosyllabic word than most TV actors can with an entire monologue. “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell,” written by Davy Perez and directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado, tells a scary story with an exciting twist and a few winks at the audience. Continue reading

Monster of the Week: The Wild Hunt

Franz Von Stuck The Wild Chase

The Wild Chase (1889) by Franz Von Stuck

Tales of the spectral horde known as the Wild Hunt abound throughout Europe. Since pre-Christian times, the Wild Huntsman and his horde of hunters and hellhounds have hurtled through the night sky. Those who find themselves alone on a winter night may hear the sounds of a horn, the distant wail of the hounds, and the pounding of hooves as the Wild Huntsman and his supernatural companions approach. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E17 Recap: A Credible Threat


Stiles Scott Teen Wolf A Credible Threat“A Credible Threat” is just the kind of Teen Wolf episode we love: everyone working together to stop a scary supernatural threat, all while a high school lacrosse game is going on. What we’re trying to say is, less Eichen House and more Beacon Hills High School—that’s how we like our Teen Wolf. Besides the teamwork, there’s a lot to enjoy in “A Credible Threat.”

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Monster of the Week: Hellhounds


GytrashHellhounds are great infernal dogs that hunt the damned, guard the underworld and defend their demonic masters. There are tales of hellhounds in ancient Greek and Viking writings, and legends and even stories of sightings can now be found throughout the world. Hellhounds are often described as oversized black dogs with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. Hellhounds transcend supernatural categories, alternately considered apparitions (the Black Dogs of Britain), creatures of Faerie (the hellhounds of the Wild Hunt) or demons (the Cajedo Negro of South America). Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E10 Recap: Status Asthmaticus


Hellhound Teen Wolf Status AsthmaticusIn Teen Wolf’s midseason finale, “Status Asthamaticus,” we finally get some answers to our burning questions. Well, one of them, anyway. We learned the answer to the question, “What is Deputy Parrish?” Turns out, he’s a Hellhound. Now we just have to determine his nature. Though a Hellhound is a flaming hound that guards the supernatural, he’s still a dog at heart. So we’re pretty certain Parrish will be vindicated as a good boy. Oh, and we learned one other important thing in “Status Asthmaticus”—that Melissa McCall is all kinds of awesome.

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Teen Wolf: What is Deputy Parrish?


Parrish orange eyes Teen Wolf LIes of Omission

It’s been three seasons since we met Deputy Jordan Parish on Teen Wolf, and we still don’t know what kind of supernatural creature he is. In an interview, Showrunner Jeff Davis promised that we would find out exactly what Parrish is within the first 10 episodes of Season 5. Though we have learned more about Parrish throughout Season 5, we’re anticipating a big reveal in Teen Wolf’s Season 5 mid-season finale, “Status Asthmaticus.”

Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) first appeared in Teen Wolf in the Season 3 episode “Riddled.” In Season 3 it was hard to miss the handsome deputy who seemed to get caught up in the thick of things. Initially, Parrish appeared to be nothing more a sheriff’s deputy who remained remarkably in the dark about the supernatural forces in Beacon Hills. As Parrish began to appear on Teen Wolf more frequently we still learned very little about his background. In the episode “Insatiable,” Sheriff Stilinski asked him why he chose to come to Beacon Hills, to which Parrish responded: “Maybe I needed a change. I don’t really know. I guess … I kind of felt drawn here.”

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