Teen Wolf S06E03 Review: Sundowning

ghost-rider-teen-wolf-sundowningWhen you watch a supernatural series for many years, you know there will be scary new creatures, deceptive characters, and interesting plot twists. Even so, it’s extra fun when you’re genuinely surprised. “Sundowning” gave us a gasp-worthy moment that tied this story back to last season. Teen Wolf certainly knows how to keep our attention.

Beware New Teachers from Specimen Jars

douglas-green-teen-wolf-sundowningThe big surprise is that teacher Mr. Douglas is the creature with the green goo floating in the Dread Doctors tank! WHAAA???!!! We thought that thing was dead. He still looked pretty dead when he slithered out of the tank. After grossing the audience out for a bit, Teen Wolf provided some respite when he shed his disgusting skin to become the handsome Mr. Douglas that all the sophomores are so crazy about. Now we know where the stolen hospital Helium, used for Heliox therapy among those with respiratory injuries, has gone.

douglas-red-eyes-teen-wolf-sundowningWe weren’t sure whether we should be afraid or root for this survivor. But by the end of the episode, we were able to take a position. Killing people to eat their pineal glands doesn’t seem like the actions of a good guy. We should have known. Anyone who works at Beacon Hills High School but doesn’t have any kids of their own, is bound to be evil.

Secrets of the Elderly

Speaking of kids of their own, Scott has finally made the connection with the name Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski. It’s not clear how Sheriff Stilinski even makes it into the secret supernatural club without having Stiles as a son, but he’s one of the gang. Lydia and Scott pay the Sheriff and his wife a visit to ask about Elias, during which Lydia sees a ghostly old woman walking through the house saying “The following stops have been canceled.” She follows the woman but gets no answers. Being a banshee seems very frustrating.

elias-stilinski-teen-wolf-sundowningThe Sheriff doesn’t want Scott talking to his abusive father, but Scott, Lydia and Malia go anyhow. During the visit we learn that Malia has some serious anger management issues and that Elias Stilinski has the ability to remember the Sheriff’s “dead wife” and “loser son.” After this strange interaction with his father, the Sheriff tells Scott about a dream he had in which his wife says that when they have a son he will end up being called “Stiles.” The Sheriff seems to be dreaming of his erased memories.

Ghost Rider Party

Hayden’s friend Gwen has seen the Ghost Rider who apparently took her sister. Hayden tells Gwen about the Riders, “If you see them, according to the mythology, you’re next.” Gwen doesn’t believe her and is angry. We kinda love seeing Gwen tell off Hayden, since that’s usually Hayden’s thing.

Scott leaves Liam in charge of protecting Gwen, which seems more like an “A team” type of activity. In order to keep Gwen from going to Nathan’s party, Mason has the brilliant idea of throwing a party at the McCall house. Silly yes, but we kept hoping Liam would get caught by Mrs. McCall, who already has no love for the beta who almost killed her son.

ghost-rider-pink-teen-wolf-sundowningGwen comes running downstairs with a Ghost Rider behind her, but no one can see it. Corey reaches out and touches it and suddenly everyone in the room can see the Ghost Rider. Has Corey just doomed everyone at the party to be taken by the Wild Hunt? Malia’s kidnaping suggestion doesn’t seem quite so radical now.

They manage to trap the Ghost Rider for a short time, but he whips his way through the barrier after knocking out Corey and Liam. Deputy Parrish arrives and shoots at the Ghost Rider, who turns around and walks towards him. The Rider stares at Parrish for a bit and then disappears in a mass of autumn leaves. This turn of events is mysterious, but not completely surprising since Hellhounds are traditionally associated with the Wild Hunt.

Morgue Party

Meanwhile, Melissa McCall completely misses the party at her house because she’s busy doing an autopsy with Chris Argent. Mrs. McCall has mad skills. It was a werewolf of some kind that took at bite right through the man’s skull. It went for the pineal gland because as Chris Argent tells Mrs. McCall, “the pineal gland is believed to be the seat of the soul, a conduit to express our souls through physical actions.” When we realize that Mr. Douglas is the pineal gland chewing culprit, we lose all respect for the teaching profession.

douglas-teaching-teen-wolf-sundowning“Sundowning” gives us some interesting surprises, though we’re no closer to knowing where Stiles is. Perhaps it will be more urgent when the school suddenly has half the population you would expect. It seems strange to bring Elias Stilinski into the story when there has been no mention of him before. Stiles’ mom is alive too, but she’s been brought up on the show before. Elias isn’t what we would’ve expected, but there’s time to learn more about him and his past. Mr. Douglas being the man in the jar brings another potentially powerful supernatural player into the mix. Teen Wolf has no shortage of trails to follow. With “Sundowning” Teen Wolf gives us new mysteries to unravel.

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