Supernatural S12E11 Review: Regarding Dean


icebucketIn Supernatural’s 11th episode of Season 12, “Regarding Dean,” we get witches, a bunny, tiny vodkas, and lots and lots of Dean Winchester—both the silly and the sad. “Regarding Dean” was written by new Supernatural writer Meredith Glynn, who also wrote “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” (S12E05, AKA the Hitler one). It was directed by John Badham, who has been with the show since Season 9. Continue reading

Highlights from Supernatural Las Vegas 2016


Baby outside the Rio hotel

It’s been two months since we attended the Las Vegas Supernatural convention (March 10–13, 2016), but we’re just getting over it. The Vegas Con was a marathon of Supernatural fun—the only US con that is a full four days long. Here’s a rundown of the stars who appeared at #vegascon 2016 and some of the weekend’s highlights.
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Supernatural S11E18 Review: Hell’s Angel


Sam Dean 2 Supernatural Hell's AngelIn “Hell’s Angel,” Lucifer and Amara lay plans to battle for Heaven and Earth. Dean is more focused on battling for Castiel. In true Supernatural style, the Winchesters work with their sworn enemies in order to defeat even bigger baddies. Do these guys have any allies left who aren’t evil? Oh, yeah, there was that one angel, but he seems to have developed Stockholm syndrome. As we head to the final episodes in Season 11, Supernatural reveals that Amara may be just this side of impossible to defeat, even for God’s most rebellious archangel. The boys may need to find themselves a higher power. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E10 Review: The Devil in the Details


Rowena tea Crowley Supernatural The Devil in the DetailsHow crazy is it that after ten years, Supernatural can still surprise us? And not with some, “Oh, that’s interesting” kind of pondering, but with a jump-out-of-your-seat and yell-out-loud shocker. Consider our collective minds blown. “The Devil in the Details” was a fun ride with a helluva ending.

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Supernatural S11E09 Review: O Brother Where Art Thou?


Amara Dean witnesses Supernatural O Brother Where Art ThouSupernatural gives us a riveting mid-season finale with “O Brother Where Art Thou?” Sam faces his biggest fear so he can figure out how to fix what he’s broken when the Darkness was released. In the process, he ends up getting closer to his old nemesis than he expected. While Sam gets reacquainted with the Great Deceiver, Dean gets to know the Darkness a little better. Sam and Dean aren’t the only ones concerned about the Darkness. Will the middle-management angels reinvigorate their warrior reputation?

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Supernatural S10E23 Recap: Brother’s Keeper


gr Sam Deean bar dead Supernatural Brother's KeeperThe title of Supernatural’s Season 10 finale, “Brother’s Keeper,” refers to Cain’s response to God after killing Abel from Genesis 4:9: “And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is they brother Abel? And he said, I know not; Am I my brother’s keeper?” By the end of “The Prisoner,” Dean has turned away from Castiel and Sam, becoming increasingly consumed by the darkness of the Mark of Cain. Cain predicted that Dean was destined to follow his path in “The Executioner’s Song,”­ and we have already seen Dean almost kill Castiel. Will Sam suffer the same fate as Abel? Or can Sam finally save his brother? Supernatural has got our attention with “Brother’s Keeper.”

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Supernatural S10E19 Recap: The Werther Project


Rowena Sam spell codex 2 Supernatural The Werther ProjectIn “The Werther Project” Sam is falling back into the Winchester patterns of secrets and lies we so frequently see in Supernatural. Despite Sam and Dean being honest with each other through most of Season 10, Sam has fallen off the wagon, starting with getting some heavenly help from Uncle Bobby to break out Metatron in the episode “Inside Man,” and then pretending to have a spell book bonfire in “The Book of the Damned.” Contacting Rowena to get help translating the Book of the Damned is the biggest betrayal so far. Though no one trusts Rowena, least of all Sam, we can’t help but wonder if she will still get the upper hand. If Macbeth has taught us anything, it’s never trust a Scottish witch.

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