Supernatural S10E19 Recap: The Werther Project


Rowena Sam spell codex 2 Supernatural The Werther ProjectIn “The Werther Project” Sam is falling back into the Winchester patterns of secrets and lies we so frequently see in Supernatural. Despite Sam and Dean being honest with each other through most of Season 10, Sam has fallen off the wagon, starting with getting some heavenly help from Uncle Bobby to break out Metatron in the episode “Inside Man,” and then pretending to have a spell book bonfire in “The Book of the Damned.” Contacting Rowena to get help translating the Book of the Damned is the biggest betrayal so far. Though no one trusts Rowena, least of all Sam, we can’t help but wonder if she will still get the upper hand. If Macbeth has taught us anything, it’s never trust a Scottish witch.

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