Teen Wolf S06E02 Review: Superposition


lydia-teen-wolf-superpositionIn “Superposition” Scott, Malia, and Lydia start to realize something isn’t quite right, that there are gaps in their memories. Teen Wolf gave us a powerful season premiere in “Memory Lost” and now we must see if these memories can be recovered. Teen Wolf is not known for having a slow narrative style, so the plot moves along quickly with Mason, Liam, Corey, and Dr. Deaton all lending a hand. “Superposition” begins the process of figuring out what pieces are missing, with the emotion and humor Teen Wolf is known for. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S06E01 Recap: Memory Lost


picture-time-teen-wolf-memory-lostTeen Wolf has had some pretty intense season premieres. The Season 6 premiere, “Memory Lost” may be it’s best. Teen Wolf is strongest when it’s grounded in the characters, the relationships between them, and the fact that they are high school teens. When you add a terrifying supernatural adversary into the mix, it makes the series that much more thrilling. In the final season of Teen Wolf, “Memory Lost” gives us a premiere that is funny, frightening, and emotionally heartbreaking. Continue reading

Podcast Companions to Your Favorite TV Shows


headphonesWe’re TV girls living in a podcast world. There are tons of funny, scary, insightful, and just plain cool podcasts out there. Some provide recaps of our favorite shows, while others are just great standalone podcasts that may be a fun complement to your viewing schedule. Here’s a look at some podcasts you might enjoy, based on the series you love. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E20 Recap: Apotheosis


Hellhound Parrish the Beast Teen Wolf Apotheosis.jpegIn the Season 5 finale of Teen Wolf, “Apotheosis,” we learn that Teen Wolf was holding out on us all season long. Apparently there’s nothing quite so rewarding for a writer as deceiving your audience. Despite their trickery, “Apotheosis” brought everything together and managed to kill off some of the villains we hated, as well as the villains we actually liked. There’s a lot going on in this season finale, with the Beast being hunted, the Surgeon getting unmasked, Malia having a showdown with her mom, and Theo amping up his E.Q. (evil quotient) to well past eleven. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E19 Recap: The Beast of Beacon Hills


Mason Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon Hills“The Beast of Beacon Hills” brings everyone together in unexpected ways. Everybody, and we mean everybody, wants to find poor Beastly Mason. Some want to help him, some want to take his power, and some want to pump him full of lead. Mason is not having a good day. Teen Wolf has been using Dr. Valack and then Deucalion, as well as Gerard Argent, as voices of experience and knowledge. Yet with the old tales told, the usefulness of these characters is coming to an end. Let’s hope soon. Continue reading

Monster of the Week: The Wild Hunt

Franz Von Stuck The Wild Chase

The Wild Chase (1889) by Franz Von Stuck

Tales of the spectral horde known as the Wild Hunt abound throughout Europe. Since pre-Christian times, the Wild Huntsman and his horde of hunters and hellhounds have hurtled through the night sky. Those who find themselves alone on a winter night may hear the sounds of a horn, the distant wail of the hounds, and the pounding of hooves as the Wild Huntsman and his supernatural companions approach. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E18 Recap: Maid of Gevaudan


Argent Teen Wolf Maid of Gevaudan“Maid of Gévaudan” had the potential to be one of the best Teen Wolf episodes of Season 5. If only it weren’t for the terrible French accents making the 18th century scenes feel like cosplay. It seems like they could have conveyed that these were French characters without using the Monty Pythonesque accents (“I’m French. Why do you think I have this outrageous accent, you silly king?”). But who are we kidding? We love cosplay! Perhaps we liked this episode not despite the outrageous accents, but because of them.

Continue reading