Teen Wolf S05E19 Recap: The Beast of Beacon Hills

Mason Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon Hills“The Beast of Beacon Hills” brings everyone together in unexpected ways. Everybody, and we mean everybody, wants to find poor Beastly Mason. Some want to help him, some want to take his power, and some want to pump him full of lead. Mason is not having a good day. Teen Wolf has been using Dr. Valack and then Deucalion, as well as Gerard Argent, as voices of experience and knowledge. Yet with the old tales told, the usefulness of these characters is coming to an end. Let’s hope soon.

Falling Behind

Scott is recovering from his beating by the Beast, but luckily his best gal Kira is there to tuck him in and tell him to rest. Where’s Scott’s momma? Those hospital shifts must be getting brutal if she can’t even come home to take care of her baby werewolf. Perhaps after resuscitating Scott once already, every injury thereafter seems like a minor scrape to her (Just put some butter on it!).

Scott is bummed when he realizes he missed his scholarship due date. With Beacon Hills inundated with villains (the Beast, the Dread Doctors, Theo, Deucalion, and the Desert Wolf, not to mention Tracy, Josh, and Gerard Argent), it’s hard to find time for regular teen life.

Speaking of villains, the Desert Wolf wants to kill Stiles because he’s special to her daughter. And she must destroy anything Malia cares about before killing her, apparently. When Malia and Braeden tell Stiles about the deadly gun-toting werewolf that wants to kill him, he thinks he needs a firearm. Braeden has some reservations about giving Stiles a weapon, and with good reason. When she throws him a gun, we get the awkward comical Stiles we love. After he bumblingly drops the gun he says, “Um … I probably shouldn’t have a gun.”

Liam is searching for his BFF Mason. You can see how upset he is about his bro turning out to be the Beast and then disappearing with Corey. Scott and Stiles have nothing on the bromance between Liam and Mason. Hayden joins her man, giving her full support to #TeamScott. Though Liam and Hayden use the power of love by holding hands as they run through the woods, they still can’t find Mason.

By the next morning, Scott is healed and everyone has come together for a pow-wow. It turns out that everyone includes the were-chameleon Corey, who has lost Mason to the Dread Doctors. Scott grabs him, seemingly out of the air, because he is a true alpha after all. It was pretty awesome. We love it when Teen Wolf portrays Scott as both strong and smart (we’d add sexy, except Scott’s in high school, so we’re not going to say that). Scott tells them they will find Mason. Liam worriedly asks what’s going to happen when they do find him. Scott assures him, “We figure out how to save him.” Right answer. Now let’s hope that Theo, the Argents, and Hellhound Parrish want to save him as well.

Catching Up

Josh Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsTheo and what’s left of #TeamTheo has returned to the spooky industrial basement where they’ve been holding Deucalion. He has the extra Dread Doctor mask that he took from Dr. Valack (at least that villain is dead), and everyone wants Josh to put it on. According to Deucalion, it has to be worn by someone with electrical powers. Talk about peer pressure. But Josh just says no.

Deucalion Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsIt turns out that Deucalion has been playing captive all this time because … he wants Scott McCall’s eyes. Not sure how that is a logical path of reasoning, but whatever, let’s go with it. This leads to an exchange between the blind alpha and Theo about power, which we try to tune out because we find Deucalion incredibly annoying.

Their convo leads Theo to kill Josh and take his power. And Theo wonders why nobody wants to be in his pack. He only has the ever-murderous Tracy now. Tracy tells him, “If you’ve got his power now, then you can put on the mask.” And Theo is just crazy enough to do it. Theo has realized he can’t take the Beast’s power. He tells Tracy she needs to paralyze the Beast with her kanima poison.

Kira wants her sword back. Her dad is reluctant to let her have it because she hasn’t learned to control her kitsune nature. He’s even more reluctant to keep secrets from Kira’s mom. Smart man. Teenage Kira finally whines, “But dad … what about my friends?!” Well that’s not exactly what she says, but you get the gist.

Meanwhile, Lydia has tracked down Deputy Parrish. He had wanted to run away from Beacon Hills because he thinks he’s the cause of all the dead bodies in his visions. But Lydia is an OG when it comes to being a harbinger of death, and tells Parrish, “You can still save them. You can save them all.”

Finding Mason

Scott is incredibly desperate—so much so that he and Liam meet with Theo and Tracy. Scott asks Theo if he put the mask on. We love smart Scott, who knows Theo better than he knows himself. Theo claims that Mason isn’t the Beast, but Theo is a liar. You can’t believe a word that comes out of that boy’s mouth. He offers to help Scott find Mason by using the telluric current map.

Everyone hopes that Mason will just show up. Malia and Braden are waiting at the McCall’s house, Mrs. McCall is at the hospital, and Lydia and Stiles are at the police station. On the phone, Malia tells Lydia, “I should be keeping Stiles safe.” As Lydia assures Malia that he’ll be fine, we see Stiles walk into a wall.

Scott, Liam, and creepy Theo are following the telluric currents to find the lair of the Dread Doctors. Doesn’t Theo already know where the Clinic of Horrors is? Why the ruse? Or did the Docs pick up and find a new space so they wouldn’t have to listen to Theo’s whining anymore (“You told me I’d be a real alpha!”)?

Scott tells Theo he shouldn’t trust Deucalion. Theo makes fun of Scott for thinking he can get through this without killing anyone. Liam tries to figure out how he can lose Theo, because he’s pretty certain that Theo wants to kill Mason (smart pup). When Liam asks Theo what he saw when he put on the mask, Theo tells him he saw a dying man impaled by a spear. He tells Scott that they all know what that means. Well, we have no idea what that means. Sure, we know it’s Sebastien from “Maid of Gevaudan,” but what does that mean?

Liam Scott Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsThey find Mason is connected to the green juice jar with the Nazi werewolf inside that Theo used to revive his chimera pack and that the Dread Doctors used to create their chimeras. We’re pretty sure it’s Gatorade, but maybe it’s Midori. Whatever it is, Mason is attached to it via his spine.

Elsewhere, Kira is leaving Scott a phone message about finding herself. She’s going back to face her demons—well, the skinwalkers anyways (they do kinda look like demons). At the Sheriff Station, Mrs. McCall arrives to tell Stiles and Lydia she has found something. Mason had twin embolization syndrome. When he absorbed his twin in utero, it gave him two sets of DNA, making him prime chimera material.

Scott frantically tries to pull the Gatorade injector out of Mason’s neck, but to no avail. The Dread Doctors show up. The Surgeon calls Theo a failure, pointing out that the mark of a true failure is repeating the same mistake over and over again. This is the chattiest the Dread Doctors have ever been. They did learn something from him though, which is that “Evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.”

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Back at the house, Malia has realized that something is wrong, and calls to Braeden. But it’s too late—the Desert Wolf is in the house. The Desert wolf and Braeden fight, ending with the Desert Wolf being trapped alone in a room by mountain ash. Looks like it’s going to be a mother-daughter showdown.

Parrish Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsThe Argents are at Beacon Hills High School, surveying the damage from the Beast. Chris Argent seems to think that there could be some kind of cure involving a bite, which Gerard quickly dismisses. So it looks like Gerard has one last bit of knowledge to impart and then hopefully that will be the last we see of him. They are looking for the lance made by Marie-Jeanne Valet to kill her brother. When they mention the need for firepower, Deputy Parrish shows up to offer a helping hound (get it?).

Back at the Clinic of Horrors, Theo, Liam, and Scott have made the poor decision to try to fight the Dread Doctors. As they fight, Mason gets up and pulls the green injector out of his own neck. The Surgeon says, “Transformation without frequency,” as Mason begins to change into the Beast. Liam calls out “Mason,” but Beastly Mason responds, “That’s not my name,” before completely transforming.

Then, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Beast beats the crap out of the Dread Doctors. He appears to kill two of them (at least the one whose head he tears off) and then drags the Surgeon away. We’re not sure if the Surgeon survived either. The Beast is mad as heck and he’s not taking it anymore, at least not from those control freak Dread Doctors.

The Beast Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsBefore the Beast gets far with the Surgeon, Hellhound Parrish jumps out of the sky and wallops him. It’s just not fun seeing the Beast get beat up anymore, now that we know it’s Mason. Then the Argents show up with their guns and we can’t help but think, “Leave Mason alone, you jerks!!!” As Chris Argent fires at the Beast, he transforms back into a man, but it’s not Mason, it’s Sebastien Valet.

Everyone freezes while Gerard Argent and Sebastien Valet have a dramatic moment together. Gerard tells Valet that he knows his name and asks, “Do you remember mine?” Valet responds, “Argent.” Valet runs and Hellhound Parrish runs after him.

It seems like Gerard’s action of calling out Sebastien Valet would only serve to reinforce Sebastien remembering who he is, which could cause Mason to be lost. What’s up with the Argent show? And how has Chris Argent, who had been one of Teen Wolf’s most interesting characters, turned into a sidekick to a semi-retired villain? Everyone wants the Beast for their own reasons. But like Liam, we just want Mason back.

Theo Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsWe had hoped to see the end of the Desert Wolf tonight, but it appears that her story will continue for at least one more episode. The only villains who appear to have been cut down to some degree are our favorites—the Dread Doctors. Maybe this will leave an opening for Theo and Tracy to don some steampunk gear and join their ranks.

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