Supernatural Family: Television Series Featuring SPN Alum


edmccarthy-dj-qualls-the-man-in-the-high-castleAfter 12 seasons, the Supernatural family has grown. Over the years, many actors, writers, and directors have contributed to the series. Some of the #SPNFamily have made headlines with their current shows, such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) and Lauren Cohan (Bella Talbot) on The Walking Dead, but there’s a lot of other interesting series featuring Supernatural alum. Here are some television and web series that might appeal to those with a passion for all things Supernatural. Continue reading

The Power of Fandom in Television


jensen-ackles-richard-speight-conventionThe fandom phenomenon in popular culture has grown in recent years. Devoted fans of beloved television shows come together to create a sense of community where they can share their passion, knowledge, and creativity. The internet has fostered the expansion of fandom, with people finding more ways to connect, relate, and support their favorite shows. Fandom originates with good television that people care about, but is nurtured by the actions of the show’s creators and actors, and also by the fans themselves. These communities are sustained and expanded through meaningful interactions amongst fans.

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