Teen Wolf S05E13 Recap: Codominance

Kira stabbed Teen Wolf CodominanceIn “Codominance,” Teen Wolf starts to heal some of the wounds created when Theo caused Scott’s pack to implode. Pack members and their allies still remain isolated and even on the wrong side at times, but they’re starting to reconnect.

Season 5 Teen Wolf is becoming increasingly complicated, bringing back past characters and introducing new ones at a fast pace. Some characters, like Kira, we’re happy to see back, while others may detract from the story. The expanded cast and the convoluted storyline is becoming difficult to track. It’s not clear how new viewers could ever jump into a season like this. We could do with fewer villains as well, though we do love to watch the terrifying Dread Doctors.

Stiles Scott jeep Teen Wolf CodominanceSince reuniting with BFF Stiles, Scott is determined to get the pack back. Lydia is catatonic, Malia is busy trying to kill her mom, and Liam just makes him feel uncomfortable, so Scott decides to go after his old flame Kira. But before they can do that, Stiles has to fix his Jeep. What happened to there not being enough duct tape in the world? Hopefully he’ll find enough duct tape to get them to the New Mexico desert.

Trying to Help

Kira skinwalkers Teen Wolf CodominanceIn Shiprock, New Mexico, Kira is facing down three skinwalkers as her mom looks on. After one throws a spear through Kira’s shoulder, they approach her, recognizing that Kira is more scared of herself than of them. Kira’s mom asks, “Can you help her?” If Kira cannot pass the skinwalkers’ test, she’ll become one of them, forever. Since they rose up out of the dust, it doesn’t seem like an ideal teen life. Though these skinwalkers do have some pretty amazing outfits and makeup.

Liam visits Scott Teen Wolf CodominanceLiam has finally broken the ice with alpha Scott after attempting to murder him in “Status Asthamticus.” Liam informs the leader of the pack that Hayden has been resurrected and is part of Theo’s pack. Scott’s thinking, “No biggie, who hasn’t been resurrected?” Scott tells Liam he’s going to New Mexico, then dismisses Liam’s pleas to help. No road trip for you, Liam. Seniors rule! Sophomores drool.

Outside, Scott tells Stiles about Liam’s visit. Scott doesn’t want to bring the temperamental beta on the road trip. Stiles suggests that maybe his beta should be Scott’s priority, but Scott isn’t ready to get over the attempted murder thing quite yet. Stiles points out, “You want to get the band back together, Scott, you don’t leave out the drummer.”

Theo Tracy Teen Wolf CodominanceTheo and his most murderous chimera minion, Tracy, are trying to track The Beast of Gévaudan. The Dread Doctors have been leaving mystical graffiti all over Beacon Hills with the phrase “damnatio memoriae” so The Beast will remember what it was. Theo doesn’t know what will happen when The Beast remembers who he is. The Beast is a human in the day and may not even realize that he or she turns into a terrifying creature at night. We’re gonna guess that whoever it is, they go to Beacon Hills High School. When the Beast was loose it killed 500 people.

The Beast Dread Doctors Teen Wolf CodominanceAs they track The Beast, Theo and Tracy run into the Dread Doctors, who are still pretty freakin’ scary. The Doctors knock out Tracy. Theo is eternally dissatisfied with his lot and blames the Dread Doctors. He complains that his pack sucks and he’s not even a real werewolf. Before the Dread Doctors can respond to Theo’s whining The Beast arrives with a decapitated head for its masters. Hopefully Theo realizes that not being a real alpha isn’t the worst thing that could happen to him.

Road Trip, Part 1

Kira Noshiko Teen Wolf CodominanceIn New Mexico, one of the skinwalkers tends to Kira’s wound, scolding the young kitsune for being too afraid to use her sword. When the skinwalker leaves, Mrs. Yukimura arrives to offer Kira motherly advice—that she may have to stay in the desert even if she passes the skinwalkers’ test. It could take months or years for Kira to learn to control the fox spirit inside her. Kira, ever the teenager, exclaims, “What about my friends? What about Scott?” Her mom reminds her that if she doesn’t pass this test, Kira’s own kitsune spirit will consume her. Kira isn’t excited to spend a couple years with crazy women wearing pelts, especially since stories portray skinwalkers as evil. Kira’s mom points out that they are not so different from kitsune. We’re not sure that Kira is buying it.

Scott reading Teen Wolf CodominanceThe boys’ road trip could be going better. The Jeep is overheating, probably because Stiles didn’t seem to use enough duct tape. Or prepare for desert temperatures. Scott is doing some book readin’ on the trip, a rarity for these Beacon Hills kids. Scott reads to Stiles:

Damnatio memoriae” was a Roman practice, a government decree to destroy the images of the damned. And they would scratch off their names from inscriptions, chisel their face off of statues. The Romans believed [being forgotten] was a punishment worse than death.”

book Teen Wolf CodominanceHe reads further that this practice was later used on a 14th-century cannibalistic serial killer of children, who was referred to as the Demon Tailor. There’s no record of his actual name because all documents surrounding his case were destroyed. Somehow, we’re not sure how, Scott and Stiles know that the Demon Tailor is the killer whom the Dread Doctors resurrected. He then became a werewolf known as The Beast. Scott should always do the research, ‘cause this is some pretty good intel.

Scott fills his BFF in on the suspicious activities of Stiles’ ex, Malia. Scott’s wolfy sense is way better than we thought because he knew Braeden was inside the house when he stopped by. From the level of aggression sensed from Malia, he knows she’s planning on snuffing out her mum, The Desert Wolf. Geez, he sensed all that from standing outside Malia’s house talking to her for a few minutes, but for months he had no idea that Theo was totally evil.

Tension at Beacon Hills High School

Mason and Liam Teen Wolf CodominanceBack in Beacon Hills, it’s a regular day at school—as regular as it gets at BHHS. Liam sees Theo talking to Hayden in the hallway at school. Liam can barely contain himself, especially when Theo gives him that smug smile. Mason reminds him that Scott told him not to do anything and that Liam said he wasn’t going to get involved.

In science class, Liam and Mason are learning about codominance: “A relationship among alleles where both alleles contribute to the phenotype of the heterozygote.” Yeah, we don’t know what it means either, but we’re guessing this will be important later. Liam and Mason team up with Hayden and Corey to work on their assignment. It’s so cute when packs collide. Wasn’t Corey just involved in the ambush on Scott and Stiles in the spooky tunnels? Liam doesn’t seem to be worried anymore about how everything felt wrong about Hayden since she returned from the dead.

Malia Teen Wolf CodominanceIn Theo’s class, the teacher is suspicious that both Scott and Stiles are out today. She also notes that Lydia isn’t there. Theo says that she won’t be in for a while, commenting “medical issues” with his signature smirk. Malia stands outside the classroom door, giving Theo one of her enigmatic looks. Theo smirks again and goes back to his classwork.

As they pretend to work on their assignment, Liam and Hayden have a whisper argument. Liam doesn’t like Hayden hanging out with the total psycho who tried to get him to kill Scott, and then killed Scott himself. Go figure. Hayden points out that Theo brought her back to life, and adds that Scott doesn’t even know what’s coming. Before Liam can ask Hayden what she’s talking about, the teacher interrupts.

Mason is also concerned about Corey’s connection to Theo. He doesn’t want to go on another date because Corey’s been siding with the bad guys. Finally, someone’s thinking with their brain. Corey tells him there are no bad guys. Mason points out, “You don’t get a name like the Dread Doctors and not get classified as the bad guys.” Corey isn’t worried about things like good and evil, just being alive. Like Hayden, he’s worried about something coming to kill them all. When Corey kisses him, Mason’s concerns seem to melt away. So much for using his brain. Corey tells Mason that they’ll be all right because Theo has been looking for the last chimera, which Theo calls “The Beast.”

Malia Theo Teen Wolf CodominanceThat night Malia breaks into the animal clinic, looking for clues to Dr. Deaton’s whereabouts. Creepy Theo shows up and tells her she won’t find him and that he’s probably already dead. He adds, “I wonder what’s going to happen when Scott realizes it’s your fault.” She attacks him. He laughs as she pummels him. When she stops, he offers to help her find Dr. Deaton and the Desert Wolf. He’s been spying on the Dread Doctors and knows how they find people. A good rule of thumb: if either the Dread Doctors or Theo thinks something is a good idea, it’s probably not.

It’s the next day at school and Hayden finds Theo sitting on the stairs at the library, “trying not to get involved.” Hayden tells him that Scott can’t protect them the same way Theo can. Hayden’s really hung up on not dying again. When she says it would ruin her sister, Liam tells her, “It will ruin me too.” Then the kissing begins.

Banshee Lessons

Meredith Teen Wolf CodominanceIt turns out that being in a catatonic state provides an excellent opportunity to practice your banshee skills. Lydia is having one of her out-of-body experiences at Eichen House. She is having visions of Meredith. In these visions/hallucinations/visits or whatever she experiences in head, Meredith shows Lydia how Dr. Valack used the recording of Lydia’s banshee scream to shatter glass.

Lydia Teen Wolf CodominanceWhen Lydia finds herself in the imaginary school library, she notices all her friends’ initials have been removed from the shelves. Meredith tells her it’s not just she and her friends who are in danger, but everyone. Maybe they’ll all die and then someone will erase all memories of them too (damnatio memoriae). Speaking of dying, imaginary Theo (we think he’s imaginary) shows up in the imaginary library and kills imaginary Meredith. This causes Lydia to scream in real life, breaking the light bulb in her room and bringing the unpleasant Eichen House attendants.

Road Trip, Part 2

Kira CU Teen Wolf CodominanceIn the desert, Kira has already healed. Kira feels a little hurt that her mother would actually consider leaving her there with the skinwalkers, but it might be the only thing that could save her life. Her mother tells her, “Don’t fail,” and hands Kira her sword. Kira goes out to face the skinwalkers.

The boys continue to have bumps in the road trip. The Jeep’s broken fuel gauge leaves them searching for a gas station. They have a heart-to-heart about Stiles’ muuuurder of Donovan, and Scott’s judgmental reaction to the news. Scott tells him that he knows the difference between muuurder and self-defense. Well, now he does, anyways.

After filling the Jeep up, Scott and Stiles are back on the road. Up ahead, they see a lightning storm, a kitsune lightning storm. Stiles asks, “What do you think is happening to her out there,” and steps on the gas.

Scott Stiles storm Teen Wolf CodominanceAs Kira fights for her life, Stiles and Scott stop and stand by the side of the road for a bit. What the hell? What happened to rushing to help Kira? As they watch the lightning caused by Kira’s battle, they continue to discuss their relationship. Scott realizes if he had just stopped to listen to Stiles (yeah, you should have!) they would have realized that Theo was evvvvilllll. Scott always thought that Malia would be the one get too much blood on her hands, not Stiles. Stiles comments, “Well she definitely seems like she’s working on it.” They prepare to leave and Scott hears the sound of Kira’s sword. He sees her, far away, on top of the mountain, fighting.

Kira  fighting Oni Teen Wolf CodominanceKira is fighting the Oni! Those badass dudes are back to teach Kira a lesson. She’s losing the battle, but then she goes full force kitsune. Her fox spirit rises up and attacks the Oni.

At dawn Kira returns to her mother holding an Oni mask, but her victory is short-lived. The referee skinwalkers point out that it was the fox spirit that won the battle, not Kira. Kira still has no control over the fox spirit in her, so the skinwalkers decide that she needs to stay and become one of them.

Kira fur hooded skinwalker Teen Wolf CodominanceMrs. Yukimura isn’t about to let a bunch of skinwalkers take her baby away, no matter how swankalicious they are. She takes up the sword and tells them that she’s a 900-year-old kitsune and that if they want Kira, they’ll have to go through her. She tells Kira to run, but one of the skinwalkers throws a spear through the car tire before Kira can get away.

Kira Scott reunite Teen Wolf CodominanceJust then Scott and Stiles arrive on the scene and hurry Kira and her mother away. Stiles asks if everyone is okay, but Scott and Kira are too busy kissing in the backseat to notice. Kira tells Scott she loves him. Neither Kira nor Scott seem at all deterred by the presence of Kira’s mom in the front seat as they make out in the back.

No Rest for the Weary

Back in Beacon Hills, Mason and Liam give Scott the latest update. Apparently Corey is a talker because Mason has some news. Theo is looking for Deucallon. We sure have no desire to see the blind alpha again, and can’t imagine what Theo wants with him. Unlike Hayden and Corey, we aren’t so confident that Theo can keep everyone safe.

Skinwalker painted face Teen Wolf CodominanceThough the skinwalkers were pretty interesting, we’re not sure what the point of that whole story was since Kira still has no control over her fox spirit. Maybe her next trial should involve more meditation and less sword wielding.

Dr. Valack, the Oni, and now Deucallon—is there no villain that Teen Wolf won’t bring back? Though the Valack storyline eludes us and we were never Deucallon fans, it was fun to see the Oni. They are cool villains at least. But really, with the Dread Doctors, Theo, and now The Beast—don’t we have enough villains running around Beacon Hills already? Not to mention The Desert Wolf, who is sure to make an appearance soon.

Theo Teen Wolf CodominanceTeen Wolf has been frightening and suspenseful this season, but the storyline seems to be spinning out of control. There are so many characters whose motivations we don’t yet understand, yet more characters keep getting introduced and reintroduced. Go back to the basics, writers. Let’s see some old-fashioned character development. We’d rather see more of Mason being thrilled about being part of the inner circle, and more of Malia trying to adjust to human life, than new branches of an already very complicated story.

The Beast Teen Wolf CodominanceWe don’t want to sound like Theo whining to the Dread Doctors, so we will say that we’re glad to have Kira back. Though the bromance isn’t back, it seems that Scott and Stiles are on the road to recovery. Maybe once Stiles forgives himself he will start to be funny again and we can get some humor back on Teen Wolf … Whoops, trying to be positive. In “Codominance” Teen Wolf started to bring everyone back together, just before The Beast may tear them all apart.

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