Supernatural S11E16 Recap: Safe House


Dean sees Bobby Supernatural Safe HouseIn “Safe House” Supernatural brings back Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) when the Winchester brothers find themselves working on the same case the “Grumpy Old Men of Letters” were involved with years earlier. There are some great parallel moments as it becomes clear the case is more complicated that it initially appears. Just as Sam and Dean take on the case because they’re at a standstill in their efforts to fight the Darkness, Bobby is in the midst trying to help the boys stop the Apocalypse. This makes Rufus’s reminder that “you can’t save everyone” that much more poignant. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E16 Review: Safe House


Bobby Rufus argue Supernatural Safe House“Safe House” hails the return of Supernatural’s favorite father figure, Bobby Singer. We look forward to what has become Jim Beaver’s annual appearance in the series and appreciate the creative ways the writers find to integrate his character into the story. Supernatural gives us an episode full of mirrored moments as Sam and Dean investigate a case that Bobby and Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) were involved with years earlier. We’re reminded that the Winchesters have faced down an end-of-the-world scenario in the past, though it came at a great cost. As Rufus tells Bobby—the oldest rule in hunting is “you can’t save everyone.” Continue reading

Supernatural: The Return of Bobby Singer


Bobby 7x10 2 pix roundBobby Singer remains the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural. He’s played by the talented and versatile actor Jim Beaver. His record will remain unbroken with an appearance scheduled for Season 11. Bobby will appear alongside irascible hunter Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) in a series of flashbacks in episode 16. Continue reading

Supernatural S10E17 Recap: Inside Man


Crowley Dean Inside man Supernatural AM

Season 10, Episode 17 of Supernatural, “Inside Man” was so good, that we have completely forgiven the writers for the wifi ghost of “Halt and Catch Fire.” The Mark of Cain continues to loom large over the Winchesters. We saw in “Paint It Black” that Dean’s hopelessness is reaching new heights, which leaves Sam and Castiel little choice but to consider desperate measures. The cold open of “Inside Man” lets us know right away that Bobby Singer is going to help out, which only builds the anticipation.

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Supernatural Episode Guide: Meet the Winchesters


dean-and-sam at lakeSupernatural is grounded in the relationship between the Winchester brothers. As individual characters, Sam and Dean engage us, but it’s their relationship as brothers that really draws us in. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are shaped by losing their mother as children and being raised as hunters by their father, though each react to these life experiences in different ways. The complex and evolving portrayal of Sam and Dean as brothers has kept us engaged through ten seasons of Supernatural.

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Supernatural: Remembering Bobby Singer – Part 2 Favorite Quotes


The character of Bobby Singer has had a big impact on the series Supernatural. Bobby is gone, but certainly not forgotten. In fact, he continues to return to the series in various ways. Bobby is the longest running character on Supernatural besides SamBobby 7x10 2 pix round and Dean. In the first part of this series, “Supernatural: Remembering Bobby Singer – Part 1 History” we explored Bobby relationship with the Winchester brothers, as well as the way he assisted the entire hunting community. For the second part of this series, we are revisiting our favorite quotes of Bobby Singer throughout the Supernatural series. His words and unique phrases are reminders of why we love this character so much.

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Supernatural: Remembering Bobby Singer – Part 1 History

Meet Bobby Singer

Meet Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) is the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural. Jim Beaver will return to the series again during season 11. Bobby was a Winchester family friend who evolved into a father figure to the brothers after John’s death. Bobby was also a skilled hunter in his own right and an invaluable resource for the hunter community. So why not take a moment to remember Bobby Singer?

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