Supernatural: The Return of Bobby Singer

Bobby 7x10 2 pix roundBobby Singer remains the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural. He’s played by the talented and versatile actor Jim Beaver. His record will remain unbroken with an appearance scheduled for Season 11. Bobby will appear alongside irascible hunter Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) in a series of flashbacks in episode 16.

rufus bobby why not have kids pix roundSeeing Bobby again will be a great treat for fans, but having both Bobby and Rufus should turn things up to 11. Rufus appeared in in Seasons 3 through 7, but our favorite appearance of these crafty hunters was in the hilarious “Weekend at Bobby’s” (S06E04).

In an interview with TV Line, Executive Producer Jeremy Carver describes the return of Bobby and Rufus:

“[Sam and Dean] are going to be investigating an old case that was once investigated by Bobby and Rufus. There’s a lot of great throwbacks to things that happened [during season 5, including] the wonderful relationship between Bobby and Rufus. That’s going to be a really neat episode.”

To read about Bobby Singer’s history on Supernatural and the things he has to say check out:

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3 thoughts on “Supernatural: The Return of Bobby Singer

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  2. I love this. Bobby has always been one of my favorite characters on the show, and this might sound strange, but if I had to choose a character I could be on the show, it would be him.

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