Supernatural S11E21 Review: All in the Family


Lucifer Casifer Misha Collins Supernatural All in the FamilySupernatural continues to give us big moments in “All in the Family.” The big moments here aren’t so much the action, but instead the interactions between the characters. Chuck has some ’splainin’ to do. Supernatural continues to give us outstanding acting with intense moments of emotion, with fun bits of humor mixed in. Chuck’s presence doesn’t create any easy answers, but “All in the Family” restores our faith. Continue reading

Highlights from Supernatural Las Vegas 2016


Baby outside the Rio hotel

It’s been two months since we attended the Las Vegas Supernatural convention (March 10–13, 2016), but we’re just getting over it. The Vegas Con was a marathon of Supernatural fun—the only US con that is a full four days long. Here’s a rundown of the stars who appeared at #vegascon 2016 and some of the weekend’s highlights.
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Game of Thrones S06E03 Review: Oathbreaker



Daenerys Targaryen walks Game of Thrones Oathbreaker

Daenerys Targaryen heads towards Vaes Dothrak

Game of Thrones is a world filled with deaths, secrets, and power conflicts. It’s these features that create so many interesting turns in Game of Thrones. We continue to watch because both the story and the characters keep us intrigued. Despite occasional moral misgivings, we watch Game of Thrones because of these aspects, not despite them. “Oathbreaker” gave us what weʻve come to expect—a few deaths, some secrets revealed, and attempts to accrue power. “Oathbreaker” was a solid episode with a steady pace that piqued our curiosity about what’s to come. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E20 Review: Don’t Call Me Shurley



Sam and Dean Winchester 2 Supernatural Dont Call me Shurley

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are just a couple of the reasons we can’t stop watching Supernatural

Surely, “Don’t Call Me Shurley” is the most exciting Supernatural episode in terms of mythology since we learned angels exist in Season 4. Don’t know about you, but we’re still pretty giddy. “Don’t Call Me Shurley” reminds us why we still love this ever-evolving series after 11 seasons: great stories, engaging dialogue, fantastic music, beautiful exterior shots, amazing sets, cool props, and skilled actors. Do you hear something? That’s the sound of us clapping, and we don’t mean the slow kind. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E20 Recap: Don’t Call Me Shurley


Chuck Shurley Rob Benedict Supernatural Dont Call me ShurleyJust when you think Supernatural can’t get any better, they give you an episode like “Don’t Call Me Shurley.” It was an impressive episode from start to finish. The episode had outstanding acting by Robert Benedict and Curtis Armstrong, great use of music throughout, a wonderful set design, and fascinating dialogue. Metatron had it right: “Details are what make a story great.” Details, and a great team. Continue reading

Game of Thrones S06E02 Review: Home



Tyrion Lannister dragon Game of Thrones Home

Tyrion makes a fiery friend

In “Home,” Game of Thrones gives us an episode packed with intense moments. “Home” brought us full circle, giving us birth, death, and resurrection. Some moments we’d been hoping for, while others took us by surprise. As it led us all over the world of Ice and Fire, “Home” managed to take our breath away several times over. Continue reading

Game of Thrones S06E02 Recap: Home


Davos Melissandre Game of Thrones HomeIn “Home,” Game of Thrones gives us birth, death, and rebirth. As the characters try to find their way in this ever-changing world, some hold onto their old ways, while others find ways to adapt and survive. Game of Thrones continues to give us exciting stories in beautiful settings. They even manage to surprise us when they give us what we expect. The series starts with a strong narrative, then enhances the story with great acting and smart directing. Continue reading