Supernatural S11E21 Recap: All in the Family


Hello God Supernatural All in the FamilyThe Winchesters have finally come face to face with God. The moment that many Supernatural fans have waited for has arrived, and they’ve got some stuff to hash out. “All in the Family” brings the excitement, disappointment, and questions that come with finally getting to talk to God. In characteristic Supernatural fashion, “All in the Family” brings together the themes of sacrifice and family. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E21 Review: All in the Family


Lucifer Casifer Misha Collins Supernatural All in the FamilySupernatural continues to give us big moments in “All in the Family.” The big moments here aren’t so much the action, but instead the interactions between the characters. Chuck has some ’splainin’ to do. Supernatural continues to give us outstanding acting with intense moments of emotion, with fun bits of humor mixed in. Chuck’s presence doesn’t create any easy answers, but “All in the Family” restores our faith. Continue reading