The Messengers S01E01 Recap: Awakening


Vera The Messengers The AwakeningThe Messengers pilot, “Awakening,” presents a large cast of characters and reveals a mystery at its onset. The Messengers, a CW show, has been described by some as a science fiction series, and by others as a supernatural drama. Perhaps it will keep us guessing whether it’s more grounded in space or spirit, in a Wayward Pines sort of way. We were hopeful there would be mystical elements to The Messengers since social media sites for Supernatural have been promoting the show so heavily, and we were not disappointed.

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Supernatural S10E18 Recap: Book of the Damned


Dean Winchester reads book Supernatural Book of the Damned We return from a Supernatural hiatus to episode 18, “Book of the Damned.” Only a few more episodes until the end of Season 10. Best to savor each one.

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iZombie S01E04 Review: Live and Let Clive

Chile, kale and brain breakfast smoothie—what have we become?

Blaine’s chile, kale and brain breakfast smoothie

Although this week’s iZombie episode, “Live and Let Clive,” was still heavy on the one-off police drama, we got to know Det. Clive Babineaux a little better, and see just what else Blaine has been up to lately.

The story involves the murder of a gang member (Liv’s brain-of-the-week), and we learn that there is a supply chain from Hong Kong to Seattle of utopium. Liv suspects from her visions that Clive is a dirty cop, and although as viewers we don’t really buy it, it works in combination with Liv’s brain-transferred paranoia. One fun aspect of the cop/gang story is that we get to see Ravi out on the case, looking for clues with Liv. Ravi also ends up moving in with Major at the encouragement of Liv, who feels that Major’s new girlfriend is moving in on her abandoned territory. We wonder how long Ravi can share a home with someone without spilling the beans about Liv’s condition—we are guessing not that long. Continue reading

Game of Thrones S05E01 Recap: The Wars to Come


Cersei Dead Tywin Game of Thrones The Wars to Come

With a new season of Game of Thrones comes an updated title sequence at the start of “The Wars to Come,” reminding us of all the places we can go in the world of Ice and Fire in Season 5. The dramatic ending of Season 4 left Tywin Lannister dead and his son Tyrion on the run after murdering him. The Stark family remains in disarray with Rickon Stark still missing, Bran Stark far North of the Wall with the mysterious three-eyed raven, Arya Stark on a ship bound for Braavos after the death match between Brienne of Tarth and Sandor Cleganne, and Sansa Stark staying with Petyr Baelish after he murdered her aunt Lysa Arryn. At the Wall, Stannis Baratheon’s army arrived in time to save Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch, but there are still many Free Folk left to challenge the Watch, as well as the problem of the White Walkers. Daenerys Targaryen’s dream of taking back the Seven Kingdoms for House Targaryen has become increasingly distant, as she has begun to lose control of Meereen and her dragons. “The Wars to Come” shows us the aftermath of Season 4, while giving us a glimpse of the path Game of Thrones will take us on during Season 5.

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iZombie S01E03 Review: The Exterminator


marcyIn Episode 3 of iZombie, “The Exterminator,” a third zombie is discovered, Liv eats some bad brains, and a familiar-looking young tech billionaire is suspected of murder.

Liv had a pretty good time when eating a lusty murdered artist’s brains last week in Episode 2, “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain,” so the batch she tastes today is quite a counterpoint. Although the cadaver came into the morgue as a hit-and-run victim, it turns out he was a sociopathic hit man, and was himself murdered. (There are murders all over the place in this episode.) Instead of taking on emotional traits and feelings, she finds herself with a head full of trivia and a decided lack of empathy—but as with the artist’s brain, there is still a draw to try to extend the experience. The hard lack of emotional connection to other people comes as a relief in some ways. Liv’s zombie resting state must be more of a dull despair than an absence of feeling.

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Supernatural S10E17 Recap: Inside Man


Crowley Dean Inside man Supernatural AM

Season 10, Episode 17 of Supernatural, “Inside Man” was so good, that we have completely forgiven the writers for the wifi ghost of “Halt and Catch Fire.” The Mark of Cain continues to loom large over the Winchesters. We saw in “Paint It Black” that Dean’s hopelessness is reaching new heights, which leaves Sam and Castiel little choice but to consider desperate measures. The cold open of “Inside Man” lets us know right away that Bobby Singer is going to help out, which only builds the anticipation.

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