iZombie S01E05 Review: Flight of the Living Dead

bloody marias

Lowell’s extra spicy bloody Marias

In Episode 5 of iZombie, “Flight of the Living Dead,” things really start moving—an experienced skydiver is impaled on a tree branch, Liv meets a young gentleman zombie with a sexy accent, and Major takes the search for his missing wards into his own hands when the police are suspiciously unhelpful.

Almost all of the characters’ stakes change this week, as the case-of-the-week becomes personal. Holly White was an adventurous, wild spirit who was once a sorority sister of Liv and Peyton’s at Theta Mu—that is, until they both voted to kick her out. Apparently she … played loud music at night? (We can only imagine how insufferable pre-med Liv, her pre-law pal Peyton and their like-minded sorority sisters must have been.) The descriptions of Liv’s undergrad self, along with her rhapsody on memories of a good egg salad sandwich (leading to Ravi’s perfect bored response: “#YOLO”), serve as counterpoints to the changes affected when she eats some of her dead old friend Holly’s brains and becomes adventurous. Continue reading

The Women of Game of Thrones


rd Arya smiles Bravos Game of Thrones The House of Black and WhiteGame of Thrones has received both praise and criticism for its portrayal of female characters over the years. Though Game of Thrones has always had some strong female characters, such as Daenerys Targaryen, in Season 5 many other women have emerged as both formidable and compelling. Though these female characters have many strengths, each also has her own weaknesses. In “The House of Black and White,” we begin to see some of their character defects mediated. The women of Game of Thrones are giving us some outstanding storylines so far in Season 5.

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Game of Thrones S05E02 Recap: The House of Black and White


Arya Bravos statue Game of Thrones The House of Black and White“The House of Black and White” focuses on the women of Game of Thrones, each powerful in her own way. As we move increasingly outside of Westeros we see our characters not as Starks, Targaryens, and Lannisters fighting for control of the Seven Kingdoms, but as players in a wider and increasingly complex landscape. There is still a lot of terrain to be explored in Season 5 of Game of Thrones and “The House of Black and White” gets us started on the journey.

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The Messengers S01E01 Recap: Awakening


Vera The Messengers The AwakeningThe Messengers pilot, “Awakening,” presents a large cast of characters and reveals a mystery at its onset. The Messengers, a CW show, has been described by some as a science fiction series, and by others as a supernatural drama. Perhaps it will keep us guessing whether it’s more grounded in space or spirit, in a Wayward Pines sort of way. We were hopeful there would be mystical elements to The Messengers since social media sites for Supernatural have been promoting the show so heavily, and we were not disappointed.

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Supernatural S10E18 Recap: Book of the Damned


Dean Winchester reads book Supernatural Book of the Damned We return from a Supernatural hiatus to episode 18, “Book of the Damned.” Only a few more episodes until the end of Season 10. Best to savor each one.

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