The Messengers S01E02 Recap: Strange Magic


Rose Devil The Messengers Strange MagicAfter being affected by the arrival of a meteor in the first episode, “Strange Magic” finds the characters from The Messengers either in Houston or on their way to Houston. After last week’s pilot “Awakening” we were eager to learn more about what happened to those affected, their fancy wings, and the Man with the red glowing eyes.

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The Messengers S01E01 Recap: Awakening


Vera The Messengers The AwakeningThe Messengers pilot, “Awakening,” presents a large cast of characters and reveals a mystery at its onset. The Messengers, a CW show, has been described by some as a science fiction series, and by others as a supernatural drama. Perhaps it will keep us guessing whether it’s more grounded in space or spirit, in a Wayward Pines sort of way. We were hopeful there would be mystical elements to The Messengers since social media sites for Supernatural have been promoting the show so heavily, and we were not disappointed.

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