Teen Wolf S06E03 Review: Sundowning


ghost-rider-teen-wolf-sundowningWhen you watch a supernatural series for many years, you know there will be scary new creatures, deceptive characters, and interesting plot twists. Even so, it’s extra fun when you’re genuinely surprised. “Sundowning” gave us a gasp-worthy moment that tied this story back to last season. Teen Wolf certainly knows how to keep our attention. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E06 Review: Swear


tara-oceanside-the-walking-dead-swearIn “Swear,” the world of The Walking Dead expands with the introduction of a new community called Oceanside. It becomes apparent that the Saviors’ reach is far and wide, and highly lethal. Tara and Heath have been scavenging and have no idea what’s happened to the people of Alexandria. Sure, Heath is angst-ridden and Tara runs into some problems, but it feels good to get away from it all and see something new. With “Swear,” The Walking Dead even gives us something different with the dead. Continue reading

Kings of Con: Supernatural Alum Create a Comedy Set in the Convention World


rob-wig-rich-kings-of-conThe 21st century is all about the celebration of fandom and convention culture. There’s nothing cooler than nerding out about your favorite show, actor, book, or cause. With conventions being part of the mainstream, Supernatural alumni Richard Speight, Jr, and Rob Benedict have taken con culture a step further by creating a digital series called Kings of Con, currently streaming on Comic-Con HQ. The scripted series is loosely based on their real experiences, but takes a comedic approach to the convention world. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S06E02 Review: Superposition


lydia-teen-wolf-superpositionIn “Superposition” Scott, Malia, and Lydia start to realize something isn’t quite right, that there are gaps in their memories. Teen Wolf gave us a powerful season premiere in “Memory Lost” and now we must see if these memories can be recovered. Teen Wolf is not known for having a slow narrative style, so the plot moves along quickly with Mason, Liam, Corey, and Dr. Deaton all lending a hand. “Superposition” begins the process of figuring out what pieces are missing, with the emotion and humor Teen Wolf is known for. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E05 Review: Go Getters


maggie-sasha-graves-the-walking-dead-go-gettersThe Walking Dead reveals the fate of Maggie and Sasha with an episode at the Hilltop Colony. The Saviors aren’t going away anytime soon, and the problems that existed at the Hilltop remain. While the fate of Maggie and Sasha is determined, Enid and Carl take a journey to the Hilltop. The dead abound, both in memory and as walkers, but “Go Getters” focuses on how the living move forward. Continue reading

Supernatural S12E06 Review: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


sam-dean-moose-supernatural-celebrating-asa-foxSupernatural gives us a glimpse into the social world of hunters in “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.” New series writer Steven Yockey partners with director John Badham to give us a hunter’s wake filled with an interesting cast of characters and the backdrop of classic Canadian rock. With an appearance by fan favorite Jody Mills and a frightening crossroads demon, “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” makes for a pretty interesting episode of Supernatural. Continue reading

Honolulu Supernatural Con: Hawai‘i Travel Tips


Charlie Cas Did we just become best friends SupernaturalNovember 2017 can’t come soon enough for the Supernatural ʻohana. For the first time, a Supernatural convention will be coming to Hawai‘i. Expect to create lasting memories and maybe even some new best friends in beautiful Honolulu.The fandom is more than the sum of its parts because, as Dean tells Sam, “we’re better together than we are apart.” For those planning to visit the islands for the Supernatural convention, your trip can be an opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the 50th state. Continue reading

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6 Photos: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


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Teen Wolf S06E01 Recap: Memory Lost


picture-time-teen-wolf-memory-lostTeen Wolf has had some pretty intense season premieres. The Season 6 premiere, “Memory Lost” may be it’s best. Teen Wolf is strongest when it’s grounded in the characters, the relationships between them, and the fact that they are high school teens. When you add a terrifying supernatural adversary into the mix, it makes the series that much more thrilling. In the final season of Teen Wolf, “Memory Lost” gives us a premiere that is funny, frightening, and emotionally heartbreaking. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E04 Review: Service


negan-gate-the-walking-dead-serviceThere’s no relief in sight on The Walking Dead. The latest episode, “Service,” continues the dreadful march of Season 7, with Negan knocking on the gates of Alexandria. It’s time for Negan’s newest tributary to pay up and show their submission. The dead make post-apocalyptic life difficult, but it’s the living who really push the boundaries.

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