Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6 Photos: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


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Teen Wolf S06E01 Recap: Memory Lost


picture-time-teen-wolf-memory-lostTeen Wolf has had some pretty intense season premieres. The Season 6 premiere, “Memory Lost” may be it’s best. Teen Wolf is strongest when it’s grounded in the characters, the relationships between them, and the fact that they are high school teens. When you add a terrifying supernatural adversary into the mix, it makes the series that much more thrilling. In the final season of Teen Wolf, “Memory Lost” gives us a premiere that is funny, frightening, and emotionally heartbreaking. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E04 Review: Service


negan-gate-the-walking-dead-serviceThere’s no relief in sight on The Walking Dead. The latest episode, “Service,” continues the dreadful march of Season 7, with Negan knocking on the gates of Alexandria. It’s time for Negan’s newest tributary to pay up and show their submission. The dead make post-apocalyptic life difficult, but it’s the living who really push the boundaries.

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Supernatural S12E05 Review: The One You’ve Been Waiting For


sam-nazi-room-supernatural-the-one-youve-been-waiting-forIf the title of the latest episode of Supernatural, “The One You’ve Been Waiting For,” is meant to convey our excitement at having an episode both written and directed by women, then they got it right. During the first five seasons of Supernatural there was only one episode directed by a woman—“Hunted” from Season 2, directed by Rachel Talalay. There have only been three episodes over the past 12 seasons that were both directed and written by women—the aforementioned “Hunted,” the Season 9 episode “#THINMAN,” and now “The One You’ve Been Waiting For.” The lack of female writers and directors is not just an issue for Supernatural; it plagues the industry. And maybe a few other jobs as well. Continue reading

Supernatural S12E05 Recap: The One You’ve Been Waiting For


suit-dude-dean-sam-supernatural-the-one-youve-been-waiting-for“The One You’ve Been Waiting For” isn’t exactly the Supernatural episode we’ve been waiting for, but it will do. Sam and Dean revisit an old enemy when the Thule Society resurfaces. Naturally, the boys have to save the world again, but they do so in their own quiet way, making the world safe for democracy. Wrong war, but you get the idea.

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 5 Photos: The One You’ve Been Waiting For


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Lily Dale Assembly: Fairy Trail Gallery


Walking through the woods at Lily Dale Assembly, you may feel a prickling on the back of your neck indicating you’re not alone. You may think it’s a communication from beyond the pale, given that Lily Dale is the world’s largest spiritualist community. Yet, if you find yourself along the forest path behind the Healing Temple, be aware the fairies and angels abound. You can read more about the Fairy Trail here.

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