The Walking Dead S06E11 Recap: Knots Untie


Hilltop The Walking Dead Knots UntieIn “Knots Untie,” The Walking Dead introduces viewers to the Hilltop. Not only has the Hilltop proven itself to be a sanctuary since the onset of the apocalypse, but they’re aware of other communities in the area. This truly is the New World, and not just because the Hilltop looks like an American colony. Let’s hope it’s more Jamestown than Roanoke. Continue reading

Monster of the Week: The Wild Hunt

Franz Von Stuck The Wild Chase

The Wild Chase (1889) by Franz Von Stuck

Tales of the spectral horde known as the Wild Hunt abound throughout Europe. Since pre-Christian times, the Wild Huntsman and his horde of hunters and hellhounds have hurtled through the night sky. Those who find themselves alone on a winter night may hear the sounds of a horn, the distant wail of the hounds, and the pounding of hooves as the Wild Huntsman and his supernatural companions approach. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E15 Recap: Beyond the Mat


Sam Dean cheer Supernatural Beyond the Mat

In “Beyond the Mat,” Sam and Dean Winchester stumble upon a case involving one of Dean’s childhood heroes. They come to pay respects to the wrestling circuit they so enjoyed as children, and though they find everything’s not as grand as they remember, they’re still able to take a moment from the grind that has become their lives to find some joy. The episode itself is a bit of grind for us, but we’re able to experience our own moments of delight watching the mental wrestling match between Lucifer and Crowley. Supernatural doesn’t advance the season story arc in “Beyond the Mat,” but provides an interlude in the journey that ultimately falls short of what we’ve come to expect in Season 11. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E18 Recap: Maid of Gevaudan


Argent Teen Wolf Maid of Gevaudan“Maid of Gévaudan” had the potential to be one of the best Teen Wolf episodes of Season 5. If only it weren’t for the terrible French accents making the 18th century scenes feel like cosplay. It seems like they could have conveyed that these were French characters without using the Monty Pythonesque accents (“I’m French. Why do you think I have this outrageous accent, you silly king?”). But who are we kidding? We love cosplay! Perhaps we liked this episode not despite the outrageous accents, but because of them.

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The Walking Dead S06E10 Recap: The Next World


Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) The Walking DeadWhen “The Next World” opens it’s been two months since Alexandria was overrun by the walker herd. They’ve been working to rebuild the community–disposing of bodies, gathering supplies, repairing buildings, and recovering physically and emotionally. With “The Next World,” The Walking Dead gives us a thoughtful episode, with some moments of humor and foolishness thrown in for good measure.

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Supernatural S11E14 Review: The Vessel


Sam Supernatural The VesselIn “The Vessel,” Supernatural revisits the trope of time travel once again. We agree with Sam that time travel is a dangerous business, with the risks often outweighing the benefits. We love time travel in Doctor Who, but it’s never been a great fit on Supernatural, with the exception of “The End” (S05E04). Yet writer Robert Berens (“Girls, Girls, Girls,” “The Executioner’s Song,” and “Our Little World”) and director John Badham (“The Hunter Games,” “The Things They Carried,” and “Into the Mystic”) seem to make it work in “The Vessel.” Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E17 Recap: A Credible Threat


Stiles Scott Teen Wolf A Credible Threat“A Credible Threat” is just the kind of Teen Wolf episode we love: everyone working together to stop a scary supernatural threat, all while a high school lacrosse game is going on. What we’re trying to say is, less Eichen House and more Beacon Hills High School—that’s how we like our Teen Wolf. Besides the teamwork, there’s a lot to enjoy in “A Credible Threat.”

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The Walking Dead S06E09 Review: No Way Out


No Way Out The Walking Dead Comic coverExpectations were high with The Walking Dead’s  midseason premiere “No Way Out,” and it did not disappoint. Dealing with this invasive herd of walkers required trying a new approach, as well as relying on traditional hand combat. Whatever approach is used, it always works best when everyone comes together. In “No Way Out” The Walking Dead lets in a little hope and satisfaction, along with massive death and destruction.
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