The Walking Dead S06E09 Recap: No Way Out


Daryl DIxon Norman Reedus The Walking Dead No Way OutAfter a long hiatus, The Walking Dead gives us a bloody valentine with the midseason premiere “No Way Out.” Back in November, “Start to Finish” left viewers with a scene right out of the comics, with Rick and friends covered in zombie guts in an effort to escape. “No Way Out” takes it name from the same comics (Volume 14). Millions of viewers spent their Valentines Day glued to the TV, waiting to see who would survive. The Walking Dead–always so romantic.

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Supernatural S11E13 Recap: Love Hurts


Dean Sam Melissa Supernatural Love HurtsWho doesn’t love a holiday-themed Supernatural episode? “Love Hurts” is all about the dangers of desire and love. Acting on your deepest desire could result in your heart being ripped out. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Why the Supernatural Fandom is Like No Other


Dean Sam Garth SupernaturalIn the world of TV, Supernatural is king when it comes to fandom. The fans are passionate about all things Supernatural, and those involved with the show are equally committed to their fans. The devoted fan base is diverse, with varied passions, making it that much richer.

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