Who appeared at the end of Supernatural Fan Fiction?


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At the end of the Supernatural episode, “Fan Fiction,” play director Marie walks up to a figure standing in the back of the auditorium. Supernatural fans watched with bated breath, waiting to see who this figure was going to be. It turned out that the person that Marie was so excited to see was Chuck Shurley. Chuck is also known by his nom de plume, Carver Edlund. Long-time fans of Supernatural were thrilled to see Chuck, a beloved character who hadn’t appeared since the  Season 5 finale, “Swan Song.”

[This article makes reference to events and plot points that occurred in Seasons 4 and 5, and it refers to a character from Season 8.]

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A Supernatural Starter Guide


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Tuesday, November 11th marks the 200th episode of Supernatural. The episode, titled “Fan Fiction,” is a huge milestone for any show, but particularly one on that is broadcast on a network that some parts of the country don’t even have access to. Continue reading