Podcast Companions to Your Favorite TV Shows

headphonesWe’re TV girls living in a podcast world. There are tons of funny, scary, insightful, and just plain cool podcasts out there. Some provide recaps of our favorite shows, while others are just great standalone podcasts that may be a fun complement to your viewing schedule. Here’s a look at some podcasts you might enjoy, based on the series you love.

Game of Thrones

We relish the drama of this HBO series. Game of Thrones gives us that medieval feel, with extra bits of magic and horror. The series is dark and full of terrors. Game of Thrones is known for violence, death, and misery, as well as doling out moments of happiness and humor sparingly.

Hello from the magic tavern podcastAfter watching something like the Red Wedding, why not check out a podcast with a lighter touch. One of our favs is Hello from the Magic Tavern, which takes place in the magical land of Foon. Though there’s a lot of child death in Foon, Hello from the Magic Tavern has yet to sacrifice a little girl on a burning pyre. Instead, this improv-styled podcast is clever, funny, and a great break from reality. And don’t we all need that sometimes? The displaced podcast host Arnie (Arnie Niekamp), shapeshifting badger Chunt (Adal Rifai), and zealous wizard Usidore (Matt Young) make each weeks’ podcast hilarious.

Game-of-thrones PSR podcastIf you’re looking for a recap podcast for Game of Thrones, you can’t spit without hitting one. Amongst the multitudes, PostShow Recaps: Game of Thrones stands out. Since Game of Thrones is so deadly serious, we enjoy a recap that’s both humorous and insightful. Even though we can watch some amazing GoT inspired videos in the off-season, HBO only gives us about 10 hours of Game of Thrones programming each year. Fortunately, hosts Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler provide us with lots of recap-related content. PSR gives listeners a full recap podcast the evening the episode airs, a feedback show based on listener questions later in the week, a separate podcast aimed at book readers, and a fun award show known as “The Throners” at the end of the season. The PSR Game of Thrones podcast knows what you want, even before you do.

The Walking Dead

Some of those who love AMC’s The Walking Dead watch it for the great characters, but at its core, the series is a show about zombies. Sure, humans are horrible in this dystopian world, but you can always count on the walkers to provide the danger and despair we’ve come to count on each week. If The Walking Dead and zombies are your thing, there’s quite a few podcasts out there to consume.

Were Alive podcastIf you enjoy stories of humans figuring out how to deal with the zombie apocalypse, be sure to listen to We’re Alive. We’re Alive is a scripted audio drama that features the story of a group of survivors who suddenly find themselves in a world full of zombies. The original 2009 podcast predates AMC’s The Walking Dead, and has a classic zombie show feel. In 2016, the creators started a new story with the series We’re Alive: Lockdown.

The Walking Dead Cast podcastThe Walking Dead also has its fair share of recap podcasts. The Walking Dead ‘Cast got into the game early on, resulting in a lot of inside access to the show over the years. Hosts Jason Cabassi and Karen Koppett are involved in the Walker Stalker Con circuit and know a ton about the series. The Walking Dead ‘Cast has a well-structured weekly format, and includes a section dedicated to the comic book. They also produce a recap podcast for Fear the Walking Dead.


Twelve seasons of watching Sam and Dean Winchester saving people and hunting things on The CW has given us a ton of fun monster lore. There’s a reason that Supernatural has such an amazing fandom. The series is known for its witty dialogue, emotional stories, and scary creatures. We’ve come to expect that one of the Winchesters will sacrifice themselves each season, so we love the novelty that comes with the variety of monsters, demons, ghosts, and other creatures that appear on our screens each week.

Astonishing Legends podcastThere are a lot of great podcasts about spooky creatures and supernatural occurrences out there, but Astonishing Legends is a great combination of frightening and informative. Hosts Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess examine strange historical events, interview people who’ve experienced unusual phenomena, and explore fascinating myths. Astonishing Legends covers topics such as the mysteries surrounding Lake Baikal, the history of Spring-Heeled Jack, a Sludge Entity causing illness, and visitations by Shadow People.

Supernatural The Road So Far podcastThe best Supernatural series recap podcast, hands-down, is Supernatural The Road So Far. Hosts Malik and Samantha know both the show and the fandom inside and out, giving us entertaining insight into every Supernatural episode. Through their Facebook group and inclusive approach to podcasting they’ve cultivated a warm and welcoming fan community. Supernatural The Road So Far podcasts recap the current Supernatural season as well as past episodes. Malik and Sam are fans first, so they’re easy to relate to and fun.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf has a hardcore fan base that appreciates just how clever, witty, thrilling, and engaging this MTV series really is. Werewolf Scott McCall may be pack leader, but the monster lore includes bansheeskitsuneberserkers, oniwendigos, hellhounds, skinwalkers, and other shapeshifters. The series incorporates existing folklore such as The Wild Hunt and The Beast of Gévaudan, Lore podcastbut has also integrated real historical events, notably a storyline that referenced the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

The podcast Lore explores the dark side of history through a storytelling approach. Lore examines historical tales of strange creatures, tragic events, and unusual places. Host Aaron Mahnke gathers legendary accounts from the past, and then reconstitutes the information into a fascinating narrative.

After After Show Teen WolfThere are recap podcasts about Teen Wolf out there, but let’s face it, nobody gets the campiness of MTV like MTV. After watching Teen Wolf, we recommend watching MTV’s After After Show with the hilarious Morgan Evans. Sure you could listen to a lengthy podcast that critically examines how Teen Wolf portrays race, gender, sexuality… OR you could watch a ridiculous 10-minute fake interview show that features the Teen Wolf cast being goofy. We know what we’d choose.

Other Podcasts to Complement Your TV Viewing

n/aIf you watch the beloved BBC series Doctor Who, check out the BBC radio program The Infinite Monkey Cage. Hosts Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by an array of expert guests, comedians, and celebrities. They discuss science-related topics such as the dangers of climate change, the mathematics of love, and the science of sleep. They’ve even done a Christmas Special in which they discuss the science of Doctor Who.

invisibilia podcastFor those of us that appreciate the social, political, and behavioral complexity of The 100 on The CW, NPR’s Invisibilia is a must-listen. Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin, and Alix Spiegel present fascinating stories about the invisible forces that impact human behavior. While The 100 provides on-screen examples of how perspective, technology, connection, norms, and social groupings influence human behavior, Invisibilia provides deeper insight into these concepts. If you’re interested in the psychology of human behavior you certain to enjoy  Invisibilia.

Limetown podcastThe HBO series The Leftovers may be the best show you’re not yet watching. It takes place several years after 2% of the world’s population inexplicably disappeared in what is called the “Sudden Departure.” If you enjoy the mystery of unexplained events check out the Limetown podcast. This audio drama portrays a journalist investigating the mysterious disappearance of three hundred men, women, and children from a small town in Tennessee. Also, if you’re looking for a recap that’s both smart and funny, check out Post Show Recaps: The Leftovers with Josh Wigler and Antonio Mazzaro.

Eastern Border podcastIf you lived through the Cold War, The Americans has a special appeal. This excellent FX drama portrays two KGB agents posing as the typical American family in the 1980s. The Eastern Border podcast presents the history and politics of Eastern Europe, the USSR, and the EU. The podcast is hosted by Latvian graduate student Kristaps Andrejsons, who shares the perspectives of those who lived within the Soviet regime.

What’s your favorite podcast and why? Tell us in the comments.

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