The Power of Fandom in Television


jensen-ackles-richard-speight-conventionThe fandom phenomenon in popular culture has grown in recent years. Devoted fans of beloved television shows come together to create a sense of community where they can share their passion, knowledge, and creativity. The internet has fostered the expansion of fandom, with people finding more ways to connect, relate, and support their favorite shows. Fandom originates with good television that people care about, but is nurtured by the actions of the show’s creators and actors, and also by the fans themselves. These communities are sustained and expanded through meaningful interactions amongst fans.

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Teen Wolf S05E12 Recap: Damnatio Memoriae


Kira Teen Wolf Damnatio MemoriaeIn Teen Wolf’s “Damnatio Memoriae,” Scott and Stiles begin to heal their wounds. Scott rebuilds his pack while Theo tries to get his own in line. They have different approaches, but neither seems to really be in control. Meanwhile, everyone is being resurrected left and right. One resurrectee, The Beast, could cause enough trouble that it could bring enemies together. Continue reading

Supernatural: The Return of Bobby Singer


Bobby 7x10 2 pix roundBobby Singer remains the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural. He’s played by the talented and versatile actor Jim Beaver. His record will remain unbroken with an appearance scheduled for Season 11. Bobby will appear alongside irascible hunter Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) in a series of flashbacks in episode 16. Continue reading

What The Walking Dead Can Learn from Z Nation


Z nationZombie culture has reached new heights with television, cinema, comics, novels, conventions, and every other form of popular media you can think of. AMC’s The Walking Dead, now in its 6th season, is one of the most popular television shows today and spawned the sister series Fear the Walking Dead last summer. Meanwhile the lesser-known series Z Nation has just finished its second season on the SyFy channel. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E11 Recap: The Last Chimera


Theo Chimera Teen Wolf The Last ChimeraOh Teen Wolf, how we’ve missed you. We didn’t even realize how much until we watched the winter premiere, “The Last Chimera.” We had almost forgotten that Theo captured Lydia and resurrected a bunch of dead chimeras with the Dread Doctors’ creepy green potion. And Melissa McCall resuscitated her son Scott with her CPR skills. What we didn’t forget was how terrifying the Dread Doctors are.

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