Teen Wolf S05E11 Recap: The Last Chimera

Theo Chimera Teen Wolf The Last ChimeraOh Teen Wolf, how we’ve missed you. We didn’t even realize how much until we watched the winter premiere, “The Last Chimera.” We had almost forgotten that Theo captured Lydia and resurrected a bunch of dead chimeras with the Dread Doctors’ creepy green potion. And Melissa McCall resuscitated her son Scott with her CPR skills. What we didn’t forget was how terrifying the Dread Doctors are.

What we didn’t expect from “The Last Chimera” is that it would be just as fast-paced as Status Asthmaticus, but with totally different dynamics between the characters. Aren’t they all supposed to be mad at Scott and disconnected? Perhaps it’s a testament to Scott’s leadership that they seem to come back together so quickly. Or maybe it’s because Theo has transformed into a gloating villain. Once he put all his evil cards on the table, the jig was up.

“The Last Chimera” has A LOT going on. Stiles, Scott, and Malia were trying to catch the so-called last chimera to save Sheriff Stilinski, Mason and Liam were looking for the Nemeton, Theo was lurking with his resurrection gang, and Lydia was getting her brain drilled by Valack. The narrative was mainly a flashback, and followed the season premiere’s flashforward. We must admit, we got a little lost.


Lydia’s Tale

“The Last Chimera” reconnects with the season premiere when we find Lydia at Eichen House being questioned by Dr. Valack. We still don’t understand what role Valack plays in all this. We learned in “A Novel Approach” that Valack tried to warn people about the Dread Doctors when he published The Dread Doctors book. Lydia is having a waking Banshee vision about Theo killing his sister. Turns out Theo needed his sister because he was the Dread Doctor’s first experiment. Dr. Valack thinks figuring out what happened with Theo is key in understanding the Dread Doctors.

Three chimeras and their leader Theo arrive at Eichen House to take Lydia. Wait a second, wasn’t Lydia with Theo in the woods at the end of the last episode? You’re always fooling us with your tricky timeline, Teen Wolf. Lydia is in the future (aka the present), just as she was back in the season premiere “Creatures of the Night,” getting a hole drilled in her skull by Valack. She describes what has transpired with her friends. Thus begins the slightly confusing narrative of “The Last Chimera.”

The Aftermath

At the hospital, Stiles is worried about his dad, who is in surgery, while the nurse at the hospital is worried about his insurance. We’re reminded that Stiles and his dad only have each other. We can’t lose him!

Scott is psyching himself up with some alpha growling exercises in front of the mirror. He bandages up his gaping chest wound. Before he can make it out the door the room gets weird and he collapses. He did just recently die, after all.

We see Deputy Jordan Parrish in the shower, washing his hellhound dirt off in a very gratuitous way. He’s having another sexy hallucination involving the minor Lydia. Cut that out, dude! She’s in high school. In his vision, Lydia tells him that he’s a harbinger of death and that someone’s dying.

Parrish snaps out of his reverie, almost driving into another car. That was a pretty intense vision to have while driving. He calls the sheriff station to report that Lydia Martin is missing. He talks to fellow deputy Valerie Clark, who says there’s no one to help. She’s freaking out over all the weird stuff happening in Beacon Hills, including him wrecking the jail cell he had locked himself in earlier. Parrish tells her that he’ll explain later, but must find Lydia. Deputy Clark remains blissfully unaware that her sister Hayden was turned into a chimera, killed by the work of the Dread Doctors, taken to the Nemeton by Hellhound Parrish, and then resurrected by Theo.

Stiles waits alone while his dad is in surgery, but really you’re never alone when übermom and nurse extraordinaire Melissa McCall is nearby. Stiles wakes after hearing his dad’s voice telling him he needs to get up. Mrs. McCall tells Stiles that his dad is out of surgery and is going to be fine.

Parrish finds Scott at home, passed out on the floor. He’s come for help with Lydia, who he found in a catatonic state in the woods. We start to have our doubts about Stilinski’s recovery when Parrish tells Scott that Lydia had scratched an image of a badge into a nearby rock. Let’s hope the harbinger of death was referring to Deputy Clark.

Speaking of the unaware deputy, Liam is lurking around the sheriff’s station, waiting to spring the news on Valerie about her dead sister Hayden. Mason stops him, pointing out, “She’s going to find out and it’s not going to hurt any less coming from you.” Liam suddenly gets Hayden’s scent, but Mason reminds him that Liam held Hayden’s dead body. Liam quickly gives up on the dream of Hayden being alive, missing her standing nearby watching him. Wonder if she notices that he looks completely different than he did in the last episode. That’s what happens on a teen show when you have a six-month hiatus in the middle of your season.

Deputy Parrish and Scott bring Lydia to the hospital, then after some manly nods between them, Scott goes to find Stiles. Stiles isn’t in a good place because his dad’s condition is worsening and no one seems to know why. Stiles sees Scott and shoves him onto the ground. They did just have the biggest blowout of their lives. When Stiles demands to know where he was, Scott tells Stiles that his dad wasn’t the only one who got hurt.

Stiles crashes into Lydia’s hospital room, but is quickly chased out by Lydia’s mom. Mrs. Martin might not be in the supernatural secret club, exactly (only because of her denial), but she knows enough to realize Lydia hangs with a dangerous crew. Stiles tells her to look at the back of Lydia’s neck as she pushes him out. Mrs. Martin reluctantly checks and finds the marks, then hears her daughter mumbling, “I told you to stay in the car.”

Dangerous Plans are the Only Kind of Plans on Teen Wolf

The mark on her neck prompts Mrs. Martin to check Lydia into Eichen House, believing she’ll be safe there. Thinking that Eichen House is safe … now, that’s crazy. Parrish arrives just after Mrs. Martin has signed Lydia away to one of the scariest places in town (second only to the Dread Doctors’ Clinic of Horrors). Before the ambulance drives Lydia away, Parrish vows that he will find a way to get her out, even if he has to break through the walls. The gray-haired doctor gets into the ambulance and we see it’s actually Valack. Is that a glamour? Is he a shapeshifter? What’s up with Valack?

Stiles, Parrish, Mrs. McCall, and Scott talk about Theo. Lydia is catatonic because Theo was digging through her mind. The attack on Stilinski was a distraction so that Theo could use Liam to kill Scott. Stiles decides he needs to talk to Theo to see if he knows how his dad can be saved. Stiles doesn’t want Scott to go with him, but Mrs. McCall tells him he can’t do it alone.

Stiles waits for Theo at home. Theo shows off his special chimera skills by walking right over the Mountain Ash in the doorway, then looks up smugly. Stiles questions Theo about what happens to his dad, but Theo doesn’t have anything helpful to share. Instead Theo gives the “villain as misunderstood hero” speech. He tells Stiles, “I know what’s coming. I know what the Dread Doctors created. And I know what Parrish is.” We all know what Parrish is, Theo. He warns that things in Beacon Hills are going to get a lot worse, but Stiles doesn’t care about any of that—he just wants to know what’s happening to his father. As Theo begins to walk away, Stiles, who doesn’t seem afraid of much lately, attacks him. Theo knocks him away and Stiles blacks out. Stiles has a vision of his dad telling him to get up.

Scott and Stiles piece together, with almost no information, that it must have been another chimera that attacked Stiles’ dad, not Theo. Stiles wants to continue on his own, still mad at Scott for believing Theo over him. We’re on team Stiles here.

Stiles: “You believed him.”
Scott: “You trusted him too. Theo got to all of us.”
Stiles: “You know, you don’t even know the real story.”
Scott: “I don’t need to. All that matters right now is your dad.”
Stiles: “C’mon Stiles, we survived an alpha pack, a dark druid, professional assassins. We can survive Dread Doctors and chimeras too.”

Liam is looking for Hayden’s corpse. When they learn no bodies have come into the hospital, Liam and Mason head to the library to try to figure out where the Nemeton is. Revisiting the scene of his crime, Liam is feeling a bit guilty for trying to kill Scott.

Mason Teen Wolf The Last ChimeraMason finds a book about leylines that are mapped according to telluric currents. Mason is still loving being part of the inner circle, noting, “It’s a supernatural tree that has to want to be found in order for you to see it.… That’s awesome.” Mason suggests they make a copy of the leylines map … oh too late—Liam has torn out the page. Mason, along with librarians around the world, is scandalized.

Stiles has agreed to let Scott help him. Stiles learns of a sophomore who is missing, Noah Patrick. Scott does his own property defacement when he breaks into Noah’s locker to get his scent. These werewolves have no respect for private property. Malia joins in. Wait, weren’t they all fighting with each other? Theo’s attempt to divide the friends failed pretty quickly. It didn’t even last a whole episode. Maybe Theo was a little too quick to gleefully reveal his evil nature. Villains love to gloat.

Mason and Liam are looking for the Nemeton. Liam is feeling guilty about Hayden now. Mason points out that “there was, like, 800 extenuating circumstances.” It was more than the supermoon—Theo took advantage of everyone’s fear and anger. Mason has an epiphany (so glad he’s part of the inner circle). To find the Nemeton, Liam has to use his “supernatural eyes.” Sounds sexy. His werewolf eyes turn yellow and they see the Nemeton surrounded by four dead bodies. Not sexy at all.

As they hunt for Noah, Malia admits to Scott that she and Stiles “kinda broke up.” Scott responds, “Yeah, we kinda broke up too.” Scott tells Malia he’s there for her if she wants to talk. But talking has never been Malia’s thing. Malia catches Noah’s scent. Now tracking, that’s more like Malia’s thing.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Geyer, aka Liam’s stepdad, confronts Melissa, realizing that she seems to know something she’s not saying. He wants to know anything that will help him to save Stilinski. She tells him, “Knowing something is different than understanding it. Yeah, I can tell you things, really bizarre things, but I can’t tell you anything that will save his life.”

Unexpected Guests

At the Nemeton, Liam and Mason realize that four of the chimera bodies are gone. Liam is hopeful that it means that Hayden is alive. Mason says they need to go to the police. They don’t have to go far, because just then they’re lit up by police headlights. They hear evil Hayden (let’s face it, she was always kind of evil) telling the police this is where she found the four bodies. Poor Hellhound Parrish, is he going to have to break these four out of the morgue again and bring them back to the Nemeton?

Scott Malia Teen Wolf The Last ChimeraScott, Stiles, and Malia manage to find Noah, but Stiles gets knocked out as the newest Chimera runs away. Stiles has more visions, which turn out to be memories, of his dad. He remembers being at his mother’s funeral, where his dad told him he needed to get up from the gravesite and told him, “ Hey, you still got me.” Stiles’ dad is the best.

Werecoyote Malia catches Noah. He is terrified, and for good reason—here come the Dread Doctors. When he tries to get away, Stiles shoves him against the wall, telling Noah that he needs to start remembering what he did to his dad. We love this kick-ass, abrasive Stiles who threatens supernatural creatures. Stiles leaves with Noah for the hospital while Malia and Scott stay behind to fend off the Dread Doctors.

Malia: “We’re gonna die down here.”
Scott: “No we’re not.
Malia: “How can you be so sure?”
Scott: “Because you’re not the only one I called.”

Hunter Chris Argent comes around the corner and growls, “Get down!” He begins shooting at the Dread Doctors, and tells Malia and Scott to run. That was a pretty awesome surprise. We won’t lie, we actually cheered a little when he appeared.

Stiles and Noah head towards the hospital, but a locked gate is in their way. As Noah pulls open the door, he begins to change. Stiles sees nasty looking bones jutting out of Noah’s fists.

At the hospital, Mrs. McCall tells Dr. Geyer that he needs to operate on Sheriff Stilinski right away. She insists that Stilinski is being poisoned by bone marrow. Dr. Geyer opens him up and finds the poisonous bone shard. Scott, Malia, and Mr. Argent arrive at the hospital and Mrs. McCall smiles to convey that Sheriff Stilinski is all right.

Stilinski wakes up to find Stiles sleeping next to him. He tells his son, “It’s okay, Stiles. You still got me.” Love these two together.

Theo and Hayden are tracking Noah. Hayden can sense Noah because she’s part jaguar and he’s part berserker; they are joined. Hayden tells him, “I think he’s dying. That means they’re going to find him.” Theo points out that they probably already have, and he’s right. Theo and Hayden find the silver fluid indicating that the Dread Doctors found him. It seems that nobody likes the idea of the Dread Doctors killing failed chimera, not even Theo. When Theo angrily mutters he could have used him, Hayden asks, “For what?” Before he answers, they see a symbol glowing on the wall. It’s a sign of Scott and his pack.

We return to the present (was that the longest flashback ever?) where Lydia is telling this story to Dr. Valack. He points out that the symbol was a promise that Scott will reunite his pack. He asks if they’re coming for her. Someone is coming, but it’s not Scott and his pack—it’s Theo and his (except Hayden). Valack tells Theo that Lydia is safe in Eichen House and that the Dread Doctors don’t know how important she is yet. When Valack asks what a pack of chimeras want with a banshee, Theo says he doesn’t want a banshee, that he’s looking for a hellhound. Parrish appears at the end of the hallway afire in his hellhound form. Be careful what you wish for, Theo.

Melissa McCall counseled Scott that he needs to give his pack some hope,and with “The Last Chimera” Teen Wolf gives us some hope. Theo’s warning, along with the Dread Doctors’ uncovering of the La Bête image, leaves us anticipating what’s still to be revealed in Season 5 of Teen Wolf.

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