The Walking Dead S06E08 Review: Start to Finish


Michonne The Walking Dead Start to FinishThe Walking Dead gives us an exciting mid-season finale in “Start to Finish.” As the walkers invade Alexandria, everyone panics and hides. As well as dealing with the incursion of walkers, internal conflicts begin to flare up, putting everyone at greater risk. In “Start to Finish” we lose Deanna, and who knows how many nameless Alexandrians?

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Monster of the Week: The Krampus


KrampusCutoutThe Krampus is a yuletide monster of Alpine lore. He is one of the helpers of St. Nicholas, seeking out naughty children on Krampusnacht, the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day (December 6). He acts as the anti-St. Nick, frightening, and sometimes punishing—or even abducting—badly behaved children.

The Krampus, whose name likely derives from krampen, the Old High German word for claw, is of mostly humanoid form, though exceptionally furry, similar to a satyr. He has large, pointy ears, a bull’s tail, and big goaty horns. The Krampus has one normal foot and one cloven hoof, but his most distinguishing characteristic may be his huge red tongue, which perpetually lolls out of his mouth. Krampus will often carry a large sack in which to haul away bad children, though sometimes a washtub, basket or other conveyance is used. Along with a sack, his accoutrements often include chains, bells, and a ruten (a birch-twig switch) or whip. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S06E08 Recap: Start to Finish


Rick Deanna The Walking Dead Start to FinishIn “Start to Finish” The Walking Dead gives us the massive walker invasion we’ve been waiting for. It’s not just a crazy walker herd Alexandria has to deal with, but a conflict between two killers, a teen fight, and a Wolf in their midst. It’s not clear how many will make it out alive.

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Doctor Who S09E11 Recap: Heaven Sent


Doctor vines Doctor Who Heaven SentSeason 9, Episode 11 of Doctor Who, “Heaven Sent,” gives us the Doctor in a way we’ve rarely seen him—alone. Yet he is never completely alone—not because of the creature that slowly stalks him through the castle, but because his continually fresh grief means that the memory of Clara is never far. Though the Doctor is without a companion, it is the idea of Clara that serves as his audience, instructor, and, ultimately, his conscience.

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Supernatural: Richard Speight Jr Directs Just My Imagination

Richard Speight hole directing Supernatural

Richard Speight Jr. directs Supernatural S11E08.      Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW.

Season 11 of Supernatural has been a powerhouse due to great writing, acting, and directing. Episode 8 of Season 11, “Just My Imagination,” will be directed by former series guest star Richard Speight Jr. Speight previously co-directed the film North Beach (2000). He also wrote and directed the comedic short America 101 (2013).  This will be Speight’s first time directing an episode of Supernatural.

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Binge Watch: Why You Should Watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones comic like image narrowThe much-anticipated series Marvel’s Jessica Jones recently debuted on Netflix, with 13 episodes, ready for binge-watching. The series was created by Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter, The OC, Party of Five) and is based on the character from Marvel’s Alias comics. Jessica Jones is an exciting series that you don’t want to miss.

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Our Favorite Scottish Actresses on TV Today


Michelle Gomez Missy Doctor 1200 Doctor Who Dark WaterNothing adds drama like including a Caledonian in the cast. While some of our favorite actresses on television hail from the Highlands, others were raised in the Scottish Lowlands. We can’t get enough of these talented lasses.

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