The Walking Dead S06E08 Review: Start to Finish


Michonne The Walking Dead Start to FinishThe Walking Dead gives us an exciting mid-season finale in “Start to Finish.” As the walkers invade Alexandria, everyone panics and hides. As well as dealing with the incursion of walkers, internal conflicts begin to flare up, putting everyone at greater risk. In “Start to Finish” we lose Deanna, and who knows how many nameless Alexandrians?

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The Walking Dead S06E08 Recap: Start to Finish


Rick Deanna The Walking Dead Start to FinishIn “Start to Finish” The Walking Dead gives us the massive walker invasion we’ve been waiting for. It’s not just a crazy walker herd Alexandria has to deal with, but a conflict between two killers, a teen fight, and a Wolf in their midst. It’s not clear how many will make it out alive.

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