Supernatural S11E08 Recap: Just My Imagination


Dean Sam Sully Supernatural Just My ImaginationIn Season 11, Episode 8 of Supernatural, “Just My Imagination,” we get a Monster of the Week episode in which the monster isn’t quite what you’d expect. “Just My Imagination” was both funny and heartfelt. The episode didn’t move the Season 11 story arc along very much, but allowed for some emotional moments grounded in Sam’s fears about his visions and the Cage. “Just My Imagination” was directed by Richard Speight, Jr., who plays Gabriel in the Supernatural series. Speight does a fantastic job playing up the best parts of this humorous tale.

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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 8 Photos: Just My Imagination


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Supernatural: Richard Speight Jr Directs Just My Imagination

Richard Speight hole directing Supernatural

Richard Speight Jr. directs Supernatural S11E08.      Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW.

Season 11 of Supernatural has been a powerhouse due to great writing, acting, and directing. Episode 8 of Season 11, “Just My Imagination,” will be directed by former series guest star Richard Speight Jr. Speight previously co-directed the film North Beach (2000). He also wrote and directed the comedic short America 101 (2013).  This will be Speight’s first time directing an episode of Supernatural.

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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles and Richard Speight Jr. to Direct Season 11 Episodes

Jensen Ackles Directs Soul Survivor revewing film

Behind the scenes with Director Jensen Ackles during filming of “Soul Survivor.” Image: Diyah Pera/The CW.

Jensen Ackles has crafted his role as Dean Winchester on the CW’s Supernatural into a compelling and relatable character. As well as acting in over 200 episodes during the long-running series, Ackles has been developing his skills as a director.  Ackles will be directing his 5th episode of Supernatural in Season 11, titled “The Bad Seed.” Though this episode was shot first in order to give Ackles time for all the preparation that directing calls for, it will be the 3rd episode in the season.

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