Fear the Walking Dead S01E02 Recap: So Close, Yet So Far


Girls Masks Fear the Walking Dead So Near Yet So FarThe second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “So Close, Yet So Far,” picks up just after the events of the pilot. At the start of the outbreak, the public isn’t aware of what’s going on, though it’s increasingly clear that health workers, police, and other first responders do. If AMC ever does a third series, let’s hope it’s presented from the perspective of emergency responders and health officials. Just the glimpses we’ve been given in Fear the Walking Dead of how hospital, ambulance, and police personnel are responding to the crisis have been fascinating. In “So Close, Yet So Far,” people’s faith in the forces that are supposed to help and protect society begin to be tested.

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Monster of the Week: Hellhounds


GytrashHellhounds are great infernal dogs that hunt the damned, guard the underworld and defend their demonic masters. There are tales of hellhounds in ancient Greek and Viking writings, and legends and even stories of sightings can now be found throughout the world. Hellhounds are often described as oversized black dogs with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. Hellhounds transcend supernatural categories, alternately considered apparitions (the Black Dogs of Britain), creatures of Faerie (the hellhounds of the Wild Hunt) or demons (the Cajedo Negro of South America). Continue reading

Doctor Who: What to Expect in Season 9


series-9-promo-clara-doctor-artThe 9th season of Doctor Who premieres on September 19th. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman return as the Doctor and companion Clara Oswald. The fascinating dynamic between the Master/Missy and the Doctor will continue in Season 9, with Michelle Gomez returning for the series. We’re still reeling from her maniacal reveal in “Dark Water” and can’t wait to see what Missy will bring in Season 9.

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Teen Wolf S05E10 Recap: Status Asthmaticus


Hellhound Teen Wolf Status AsthmaticusIn Teen Wolf’s midseason finale, “Status Asthamaticus,” we finally get some answers to our burning questions. Well, one of them, anyway. We learned the answer to the question, “What is Deputy Parrish?” Turns out, he’s a Hellhound. Now we just have to determine his nature. Though a Hellhound is a flaming hound that guards the supernatural, he’s still a dog at heart. So we’re pretty certain Parrish will be vindicated as a good boy. Oh, and we learned one other important thing in “Status Asthmaticus”—that Melissa McCall is all kinds of awesome.

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Fear the Walking Dead S01E01 Recap: Pilot

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Episode 1 Pilot. Photo by Justin Lubin/AMC

School Counselor Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) at school. Photo by Justin Lubin/AMC

AMC’s new series Fear the Walking Dead premiered with much anticipation. Fear the Walking Dead is a spin-off from AMC’s highly rated drama The Walking Dead, though unlike the original series, Fear the Walking Dead is set at the start of the outbreak. We observe the first signs of the epidemic through the perspective of a family living in East Los Angeles.

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Doctor Who: Season 9 trailer reveals old and new villains


TARDIS Doctor Who Magician's Apprentice narrow

Season 9 of Doctor Who will include classic Doctor Who aliens such as the Daleks and Zygons, while also giving viewers some fun twists with a highway man, Vikings, ghosts, mercenary robots, creatures with eyes on their hands, and even a Dragon! It has also been reported that the Judoon and the Hath from The Doctor’s Daughter will also make a cameo. In an interview Peter Capaldi noted “There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that. Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotional ambitions.”

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