Teen Wolf S05E09 Recap: Lies of Omission


Dread Doctors The Geneticist Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionSeason 5 of Teen Wolf continues its horror movie theme with non-stop drama driving the story. In episode 9, “Lies of Omission,” things are going poorly for pretty much everyone: Scott’s leadership is waning, Theo has a disagreement with his Dread Doctor allies, Hayden and Corey are bleeding mercury, Malia feels powerless, Sheriff Stilinski is struggling with his case, Parrish still doesn’t know what the heck he is, and Stiles loses Scott’s trust. Even the Dread Doctors aren’t doing so great, with all their experiments continuing to fail. Despite the fact that Liam and Hayden survived in “Ouroboros,” no one is throwing a celebration party. “Lies of Omission” shows us that even though our pack knows the Dread Doctors are creating chimeras for some nefarious purpose, they can’t do anything about it. Having more information doesn’t always mean the truth has been uncovered.

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