Teen Wolf S05E09 Recap: Lies of Omission

Dread Doctors The Geneticist Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionSeason 5 of Teen Wolf continues its horror movie theme with non-stop drama driving the story. In episode 9, “Lies of Omission,” things are going poorly for pretty much everyone: Scott’s leadership is waning, Theo has a disagreement with his Dread Doctor allies, Hayden and Corey are bleeding mercury, Malia feels powerless, Sheriff Stilinski is struggling with his case, Parrish still doesn’t know what the heck he is, and Stiles loses Scott’s trust. Even the Dread Doctors aren’t doing so great, with all their experiments continuing to fail. Despite the fact that Liam and Hayden survived in “Ouroboros,” no one is throwing a celebration party. “Lies of Omission” shows us that even though our pack knows the Dread Doctors are creating chimeras for some nefarious purpose, they can’t do anything about it. Having more information doesn’t always mean the truth has been uncovered.

Scott’s leadership is waning

The pack has splintered for the time being. Scott shares a true confessions monologue that starts and ends with his returned asthma:

“My asthma’s back. I’m not sure how, but it came back, just as bad as it used to be. So now I keep my inhaler on me all the time, just like I used to. It’s been five days. We haven’t seen any new chimeras and we haven’t seen the Dread Doctors. We all go to school, pretending like nothing’s happened. But everyone seems to know. You just walk down the halls and no one’s smiling, no one’s laughing. You get the feeling that everyone can sense that something’s coming, they just don’t know what it is or how bad it’s gonna be.”

Scott has seemingly turned to Theo, who tells him that he’s with him for better or worse. If you’re counting on Theo, it’s definitely gonna be for the worse.

Theo has a disagreement with the Dread Doctors

Dread Doctors moon Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionAfter bonding with Scott, Theo heads over to the Clinic of Horrors. There’s all kinds of disturbing stuff going on. A new chimera lies unconscious (let’s hope) on the table. The lead Dread Doctor, the Surgeon, is being injected with some horrible stuff that rehydrates his desiccated flesh. Nothing good happens at the Clinic of Horrors. What is that creature that is trapped in the glass specimen case? Apparently its green mojo juice is good for everything, just like lemon juice. Theo confronts the Dread Doctors, telling them that he needs more time, and that he needs Hayden alive. He complains that they promised him a pack. and the Surgeon responds, “We promised you nothing.” The Surgeon mentions the perigee-syzygy, referring to the upcoming supermoon. The fact that their evil plan, whatever it is, seems to connect to a full moon can’t be good news for the pack.

Hayden and Corey are bleeding mercury

Liam Hayden mercury Teen Wolf LIes of OmissionIt turns out that Theo isn’t the only one who wants Hayden alive. This #Layden thing is really happening and Liam and Hayden are falling for each other. Their happiness gets interrupted when Hayden begins to bleed mercury. Rut-roh. I guess she’s not doing as well as everyone thought. She asks Liam not to say anything about her impending failure.

On the other hand, Corey the chimera seems to be getting stronger. Mason has taken an interest in this chimera. At least someone is looking out for him. Mason tells Corey to talk to Scott about his increasing strength, but Corey is understandably reluctant to confide in Scott after their last encounter. It’s hard to get past someone sticking their claws into the base of your skull to invade your buried memories.

In the locker room, where all the important conversations take place, Scott tries to talk to Liam. He fails to notice that Liam appears to be packing a bag. He warns Liam to be careful because tomorrow night is the supermoon. Little do they know that the supermoon holds special significance for the Dread Doctors. Liam tells Scott he can’t protect anyone. Burn!

Stiles Theo Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionStiles and Theo have a heart to heart in the library, the scene of Donovan’s muuurder. Stiles is worried that if Lydia finds the nematon, she’ll find Donovan’s body. Theo tells him that it may be for the best, that Scott won’t blame them for defending themselves. Stiles’ guilty conscience, represented by a vision of him impaled like Donovan, tells him otherwise.

Theo wants to talk to Scott, but he’s interrupted when they hear sirens. It appears that Corey’s recovery was short-lived because now he’s spitting up black blood and mercury. As Corey is taken away in an ambulance, Scott is uncertain about what to do. Theo convinces him they have to follow the ambulance to the hospital, saying, “Scott, this is what you do.”

Liam Hayden Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionLiam tells Hayden about Corey. They realize the Dread Doctors are coming for Hayden and leave the school. Looks like that packed bag will come in handy after all.

As they drive to the hospital Theo tells Scott that Stiles killed Donovan, but makes up a whole bunch of lies about what happened to make Stiles seem like a vindictive killer. And Scott seems to believe him. WHAAA?! Why are you believing this evil dude that you haven’t seen since the 4th grade without even talking to your bestie-for-life Stiles? We’re so disappointed in you, Scott.

When they arrive at the hospital it appears that Corey has caused chaos. Corey has developed chameleon-like powers that allow him to blend into the background. Scott and Theo look for Corey, but one of the Dread Doctors tracks him down first. The Surgeon follows Corey into the ambulance bay. Corey attempts to use his camouflage to hide, but the Surgeon sees right through it and stabs him. The Dread Doctor then seems to disappear into thin air, leading us to wonder again if the Dread Doctors are able to move slightly out of phase with regular time and space. Perhaps it’s just the Whovian in us. Scott and Theo find Corey dead, and Scott realizes he needs to find Hayden.

Malia feels powerless

Maila Dread Doctor Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionStill at school, Malia sees that her classmate Beth, who is gazing at an image of a supermoon on her computer, is turning into a chimera. Beth is chewing off her nails and when she realizes her finger is full of black goo, she runs out of the classroom. Lydia’s mom is teaching and tries to stop Malia from following Beth. Apparently Mrs. Martin’s defense mechanism it to pretend everything is all right and there are no supernatural forces at work. Malia defiantly flashes her blue coyote eyes and leaves class despite Mrs. Martin’s warning that they all need to focus more on their schoolwork. In the hallway, Beth tells Malia she doesn’t know anything about her “condition” and throws her against the lockers. Malia continues after Beth, only to see one of the Dread Doctors, the Pathologist, snap young Beth’s neck.

Malia Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionLater, Stiles comes up to Malia in the hallways, seeing she is visibly upset. He asks her what happened and she responds, “I hate this. I hate losing like this. I’m not like Scott. I can’t deal with another body, another failure.” She walks off as Stiles stands there watching her. Stiles is so caught up in his own guilt, he isn’t much of a comfort to his traumatized coyote girlfriend.

Sheriff Stilinski is struggling with his case

Sheriff Stilinski has his whole team looking for chimeras, though they don’t know really what they’re looking for. After investigating the house where Liam and Hayden were kept captive by the Dread Doctors, the Sheriff decides they should use UV radiation to find traces of the telltale signs of failure—mercury. Using the UV lights, the Sheriff finds signs of mercury in the school library. He remembers that their key cards indicated that both Stiles and Theo entered the library the night of the 911 call from the school.

After Beth’s body is found, the Sheriff arrives at the school to investigate. He pulls Theo aside, into the locker room, to ask him about Donovan. Theo makes up a story about heroically killing Donovan to save Stiles. The normally astute Sheriff believes the manipulative Theo.

Parrish still doesn’t know what he is

Stiles and Lydia have searched the woods for the nematon, but had no success finding the mystical site. Lydia wants to tell Parrish, but Stiles is against it. While they are out in the woods Stiles almost fesses up to Lydia about Donovan, but stops himself. Lydia decides the only way forward is to involve Parrish. She has him drive out to the woods and he intuitively seems to know where to go.

Lydia Parrish 1 Teen Wolf LIes of OmissionAfter Corey dies, Stiles calls Lydia to warn her. He leaves a message on her phone telling her to stay out of Parrish’s way if he’s coming after the body. Out in the woods, Parrish doesn’t seem to have dead chimeras on his mind. Lydia starts to fight Parrish to distract him. His eyes flash orange and he looks towards the woods, then they both see the nematon surrounded by dead bodies. As they head back to the car, Parrish and Lydia debate what his motives might be for taking the chimera bodies. She believes that he may be trying to protect the supernatural world: “Maybe you’re keeping the secret safe. Maybe that’s part of what you do.” He tells her that in his dream, there are hundreds of bodies around the nematon.

Parrish decides to lock himself in a cell. Sheriff Stilinski wants to let him out, but Parrish admits that he’s the one taking the bodies. He explains he doesn’t know why and doesn’t remember, but that it’s too dangerous to let him out. Knowing there are two more chimera bodies, the Sheriff acquiesces. He is responsible for public safety, after all.

The Dread Doctors’ experiments are still failing

Liam and Hayden have gone to Club Sinema to get her pay so they can run away. They have a romantic moment, but there’s no escaping the Dread Doctors. The Surgeon arrives at Club Sinema. Liam and Hayden try to hide, but then the Pathologist arrives. Liam tries to fight them off, but with little success.

Liam growls Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionScott arrives to help, but Scott and Liam are no match for these two supervillains. We see lots of slow-motion shots of the two werewolves being pummeled, while the cemetery scene from Night of the Living Dead plays in the background. Theo arrives and tells Liam to take Hayden away. By the time Liam finds her, the Geneticist has already found Hayden and is giving her a shot that makes her eyes turn silver. As they fight, Theo tells the Surgeon he needs more time, and his response is that Theo has until the supermoon. The Dread Doctors all leave.

Theo drives Hayden and Liam to the animal clinic, while Scott drives there on his bike. Hayden starts to get woozy in the car and Theo warns Liam to keep her awake. When Liam asks why she’s not healing, Theo suggests she may not have the same abilities:

Theo: “Problem is she’s not really like us, Liam; none of them are, they’re more like a cheap knockoff. She might not be a strong as we are.”
Liam: “They heal like we do.”
Theo: “She’s not a real werewolf.”
Liam: “What if we turn her into one?”
Theo: “That’s a nice idea, except you and I can’t do that.”
Liam: “Scott can.”

Sure, he can, but does he want to? And more importantly, do we want him to? We are fans of Deputy Hayden’s sister, but we’re not sure we want Hayden to become his beta. Also then wouldn’t both Liam and Hayden be Scott’s betas? Doesn’t that make their relationship incestuous?

Stiles loses Scott’s trust

Scott Stiles Teen Wolf LIes of OmissionScott and Stiles both arrive at the animal clinic at the same time. As they stand outside in the pouring rain Scott hands Stiles the wrench and confronts him about Donovan. Stiles tells Scott that he didn’t have a choice.

Stiles: “You’re the true Alpha! Guess what? All of us can’t be true Alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. Some of us are human!”
Scott: “So, you had to kill him?”
Stiles: “Scott, he was going to kill my dad.”
Scott: “But the way that it happened … There’s a point when it’s … It’s not self-defense anymore!”
Stiles: “What are you even talking about? I didn’t have a choice, Scott! You don’t even believe me, do you?”
Scott: “I want to.”
Stiles: “Okay, all right, so … So, believe me then. Scott, say you believe me. Say it. Say you believe me.”
Scott: “Stiles, we can’t kill people that we’re trying to save.”
Stiles: “Say you believe me.”
Scott: “We can’t kill people! Do you believe that?”

Stiles 1 Teen Wolf LIes of OmissionStiles asks Scott how he can fix things, but Scott just suggests that Stiles go and talk to his dad. The rain covers what we can only assume are Stiles’ tears.

Scott enters the animal clinic, where Theo, Hayden and Liam are waiting. Hayden’s condition has worsened. Liam reminds Scott that he promised to do everything he can to save Hayden. Liam asks Scott to bite Hayden. He wants her to transform into a real werewolf so that she will heal. Scott pauses, then tells Liam, “No.”

Stiles Teen Wolf Lies of OmissionThe rain provided a dramatic, but loud, backdrop to the scene between Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Despite the rain and the unexceptional dialogue, the actors made this scene riveting. The writers should just be looking for opportunities to showcase the outstanding acting skills of Dylan O’Brien. Another actor who we love on this series and who was a standout in this episode was Shelley Hennig. Malia has such a lonely quality to her, which she really conveyed in “Lies of Omission.” She is a character whose scenes we can easily get drawn into, with very little dialogue, because Hennig is a very expressive actor. Despite being a newcomer to Teen Wolf, Cody Christian has been a commanding presence. The scent between Theo and Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) really showed just how deceptive Theo can be.

Theo arrives Teen Wolf Lies of Omission“Lies of Omission” leaves us with many questions. Season 5 of Teen Wolf is not about easy answers. Liam is clearly not going to be happy about Scott’s decision. And only an alpha can turn someone into a werewolf. Is Liam willing to kill Scott in order to save Hayden? Was this always Theo’s endgame? Get Scott’s beta to kill him so he could take over the pack? Is that why he needed to keep Hayden alive a little longer? If so, it appears to be a very complicated plan. Seems like he could have just tried to be a good guy and join the pack, but then again, Theo is clearly not a good guy. Or was his plan to try to get Scott to turn one of the chimeras in order to aid the Dread Doctors in their supermoon plan? What do the Dread Doctors want, anyways? So many questions to be answered. “Lies of Omission” continues with the cliffhanger tradition we have experienced through Season 5 of Teen Wolf. Let’s hope some of our questions get answered soon. 

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