Supernatural Family: Television Series Featuring SPN Alum


edmccarthy-dj-qualls-the-man-in-the-high-castleAfter 12 seasons, the Supernatural family has grown. Over the years, many actors, writers, and directors have contributed to the series. Some of the #SPNFamily have made headlines with their current shows, such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) and Lauren Cohan (Bella Talbot) on The Walking Dead, but there’s a lot of other interesting series featuring Supernatural alum. Here are some television and web series that might appeal to those with a passion for all things Supernatural. Continue reading

Doctor Who Christmas Special Review: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


doctor-who-the-return-of-doctor-mysterio-roof-2“There have been many attempts to conquer the Earth. I’ve lost count. Not one of them has succeeded, not a single one. They all lost and burned and ran. That’s who I am.” – The Doctor Continue reading

Monster of the Week: Jólakötturinn


jolako%cc%88tturinnstampJólakötturinn, or the Yule Cat, is an Icelandic holiday monster. He is a giant cat who is said to eat children who have not finished their autumn wool-working chores, thereby failing to have been rewarded with new clothes by Christmas Eve.

“His whiskers, sharp as bristles,
His back arched up high,
And the claws of his hairy paws
Were a terrible sight.”
—Jóhannes úr Kötlum, “Jólakötturinn” (Vignir Jónsson, trans.)

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Supernatural S12E08 Review: LOTUS


cas-sam-dean-supernatural-lotusSupernatural gives us lots to like in the Season 12 midseason finale “LOTUS.” Though episodes from writers Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming can be hit (“Soul Survivor”) or miss (“Route 666”), this Supernatural writing team has certainly made their mark over the twelve seasons. Having experienced director Phil Sgriccia at the helm helped to create an intense midseason finale, in which what seemed impossible came to be. And we’re not just referring to a magical egg creating cool special effects. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S06E04 Review: Relics


ghost-rider-gun-teen-wolf-relicTeen Wolf isn’t afraid of conflict. When you start with a great cast and bring in truly terrifying adversaries, the story almost tells itself. Almost. In “Relics” Lydia continues the search for Stiles, while Scott tries to protect everyone from the Ghost Riders. Though, ultimately, they both fail, they learn some valuable lessons along the way. Continue reading