The Walking Dead S07E02 Review: The Well


ezekiel-shiva-the-walking-dead-the-wellAfter a gruesome season opener, The Walking Dead allows viewers a moment of hope. In Season 7 Episode 2, “The Well,” we’re introduced to a new community called the Kingdom. Since the onset of the zombie apocalypse we’ve seen a handful of communities that have managed to survive for a time, including Woodbury, Terminus, Grandy Memorial Hospital, Alexandria, and the Hilltop, but the Kingdom is far more prosperous than anything we’ve seen before. At first glance, the Kingdom appears to be a bountiful and secure society, but Carol’s experience with new groups leaves her suspicious and she describes it as a “fairy tale.”

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Supernatural S12E03 Review: The Foundry


jensen-jared-cemetery-supernatural-the-foundryIn “The Foundry,” the Winchesters are still adjusting to their family reunification. If Supernatural has taught us anything about returning from the dead (and there have been a lot of lessons), it’s that rebirth brings a sense of alienation. Coming back from Hell may be hard, but coming back from Heaven creates a void that’s hard to fill. These complex feelings create a backdrop for what Supernatural does best—a horror-filled ghost story. Continue reading

Supernatural S12E03 Recap: The Foundry


creepy-doll-supernatural-the-foundryJust when you think smug hipsters only care about posting their Yelp reviews and lamenting the housing market, they surprise you by going into an abandoned building to rescue a crying baby. But on Supernatural, no good deed goes unpunished. No one is safe in “The Foundry,” no matter how cool and clever. All it takes is a ghostly cry and an über-creepy doll. They may be hipsters, but they still don’t deserve such treatment.

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Consuming More Zombie TV: Shows beyond The Walking Dead


Zombie Abraham Lincolns Z NationZombies have come to permeate our popular culture. Comics, novels, anime, video games, television, movies—there’s no medium that the living dead haven’t overrun. With the mainstream success of The Walking Dead, television has exposed a huge audience to these reanimated corpses. Right about now, you might be looking for some alternative zombie television programming to fill your revenant cravings. When choosing from such a vast menu of choices, your TV viewing doesn’t have to be a somber, survivalist slog. Try these fun selections to add some zest to your zombie watching experience.

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The Walking Dead S07E01 Review: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be


negan-lucille-the-walking-dead-the-day-will-comeAt the end of last season, The Walking Dead viewers were left wondering about the identity of Negan’s batting victim. There was much discontent among viewers who felt shortchanged by the season finale cliffhanger, particularly after all the dumpster hubbub earlier in the season. When asked what the deal was, showrunner Scott Gimple assured audiences that the Season 7 premiere would be worth the wait. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E01 Recap: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be



The Walking Dead gives us a Season 7 premiere with all the gore and emotional trauma that was promised by writer and showrunner Scott Gimple and director Greg Nicotero. We waited all summer to find out who Negan had killed, and in the cold open we find we’re going to have to wait a little longer. In retrospect, we did need a few minutes to prepare ourselves for what we were going to see. Rick’s traumatized state was a warning for viewers. It’s going to be bad. Really bad. Worse than expected. Continue reading