Letter to The Walking Dead: What’s the Deal with Last Day on Earth?

Dear Walking Dead medDear Walking Dead,

We just watched The Walking Dead Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth.” And we’re feeling more than a little frustrated with your shenanigans. Did we like the episode? Sure. Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan have an amazing entrance? Well, that goes without saying. Did we love seeing Morgan and Carol being rescued by the chivalrous padding-clad horseman? Without a doubt. Then, why are we feeling so down? You know why. You left us hanging with a cliffhanger. Again. Like you always do.

How many times will you do this to us? You leave us wondering and hoping, sometimes waiting months to find out what you’ve done. And now you want us to wait around for six months. SIX MONTHS!!! A lot can happen in six months. You know you’re not the only Sunday night show, right?

We feel even more betrayed after we stood up for you with that whole Glenn-under-the-dumpster thing. Everyone was like, “That was a real d*ck move by The Walking Dead.” But we were like, “No, it was cool. It made for really dramatic TV and gave people so much to talk about.” Now we feel like real jerks.

It feels like you cheated us of the emotional moment of mourning a beloved character. Why build all that tension just to leave us frustrated and empty? We really wanted to feel it together. You think it’s more fun for us to wait to find out the identity of the victim? This isn’t Masterpiece Mystery!, you know. Sure, you say you’ll make it up to us in the Season 7 premiere. We’ll see. All we can say is, when the premiere comes, there’d better be tears!!! You owe us.

We’re not breaking up with you. You’re still, like, the most popular show around. At least on cable. But over the next six months, we’ll be reevaluating our relationship. We just hope you grow out of this college-boy prank stage, because we actually really love you. So get your season together!

The Supernatural Fox Sisters

3 thoughts on “Letter to The Walking Dead: What’s the Deal with Last Day on Earth?

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