Supernatural S12E03 Review: The Foundry


jensen-jared-cemetery-supernatural-the-foundryIn “The Foundry,” the Winchesters are still adjusting to their family reunification. If Supernatural has taught us anything about returning from the dead (and there have been a lot of lessons), it’s that rebirth brings a sense of alienation. Coming back from Hell may be hard, but coming back from Heaven creates a void that’s hard to fill. These complex feelings create a backdrop for what Supernatural does best—a horror-filled ghost story. Continue reading

Supernatural S12E03 Recap: The Foundry


creepy-doll-supernatural-the-foundryJust when you think smug hipsters only care about posting their Yelp reviews and lamenting the housing market, they surprise you by going into an abandoned building to rescue a crying baby. But on Supernatural, no good deed goes unpunished. No one is safe in “The Foundry,” no matter how cool and clever. All it takes is a ghostly cry and an über-creepy doll. They may be hipsters, but they still don’t deserve such treatment.

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