Supernatural S12E17 Review: The British Invasion


Dagon Supernatural The British Invasion“The British Invasion” brings together a lot of pieces on the Supernatural board, moving forward the story of the British Men of Letters in conjunction with that of Satan’s unborn child. Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner, and directed by John Showalter, “The British Invasion” reveals what we already suspected—that the British Men of Letters are a tyrannical organization that kills indiscriminately. Sam and Dean have yet to learn about the true nature of this organization, but when they do all hell will break loose on Supernatural. Continue reading

Supernatural S12E03 Review: The Foundry


jensen-jared-cemetery-supernatural-the-foundryIn “The Foundry,” the Winchesters are still adjusting to their family reunification. If Supernatural has taught us anything about returning from the dead (and there have been a lot of lessons), it’s that rebirth brings a sense of alienation. Coming back from Hell may be hard, but coming back from Heaven creates a void that’s hard to fill. These complex feelings create a backdrop for what Supernatural does best—a horror-filled ghost story. Continue reading

Supernatural S12E03 Recap: The Foundry


creepy-doll-supernatural-the-foundryJust when you think smug hipsters only care about posting their Yelp reviews and lamenting the housing market, they surprise you by going into an abandoned building to rescue a crying baby. But on Supernatural, no good deed goes unpunished. No one is safe in “The Foundry,” no matter how cool and clever. All it takes is a ghostly cry and an über-creepy doll. They may be hipsters, but they still don’t deserve such treatment.

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Supernatural: What to Expect in Season 12


Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) gets to know his mom (Samantha Smith) again

We’ve been watching Sam and Dean Winchester saving people and hunting things for over a decade. Supernatural has kept us engaged through 11 seasons by giving us great stories and characters that we connect to emotionally. This beloved CW series was built with epic monster tales, but its foundation is family. Season 12 will be helmed by new co-showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer, who have both been involved with Supernatural for many years. They’re planning on bringing viewers back to the basics with the return of Mary Winchester, a focus on smaller stories, and the search for Lucifer. Oh, and monsters, lots of monsters.

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