Supernatural S11E04 Review: Baby


Sam Dean Winchester smirk Supernatural BabySupernatural creates an instant classic with the Impala-centered episode “Baby.”  The episode is likely to be remembered as one of the series best, bringing together what we love in Supernaturalfamily, unusual monsters, humor, and a story with a unique perspective.  The Impala has always been the Winchesters true home and getting a glimpse of the Winchesters’ home life was fantastic. Continue reading

Monster of the Week: The Woman in White

White Lady Teresa Fidalgo

White Lady: The ghost of Teresa Fidalgo in the Portugese short film A Curva (2004)

The Woman in White is a ghostly apparition who most commonly haunts roadways and thoroughfares, seeking the attention of travelers. She is a tortured spirit who has often in life been betrayed by a lover, has lost her children, or both.

Dames Blanche in France, White Ladies in the Philippines, Mulheres de Branco in Brazil, Weisse Frauen in Germany, and Witte Wieven in the Netherlands are all varieties of Women in White, as is Mexico’s La Llorona (the Weeping Woman). Continue reading

Supernatural S11E04 Recap: Baby


RoadHouse Supernatural BabyWith “Baby,”Supernatural gives us an Impala-centered episode that may be remembered as one of the show’s best. It’s certainly the most interesting episode since “Fan Fiction.” We learned long ago that the Impala is the Winchesters’ true home, but it was great to hear Sam actually say it. “Baby” had everything we love in Supernatural: family, cool monsters, divinity, and a cleverly told story.

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Halloween Caption Contest—just a few more days to enter!


Happy Birthday to us, Happy Halloween to you! Just a few more days left to enter our first-ever caption contest. October 31 is the deadline to submit your caption for this image:caption contest image

EdlundBooksSend it to us via the contact form below to enter. One winner will be chosen to receive their very own Carver Edlund Supernatural novel notebook! These blank lined notebooks are in the style of the fictional novels by the also-fictional author Carver Edlund from Supernatural. Notebooks are 5.5″ x 8.5″ digest-size, perfect-bound paperbacks. 214 pages. These extremely limited collector’s books are unavailable for sale. You won’t find one anywhere else!

Entries must be received by midnight on Halloween (October 31, 2015). The winner will be posted here, along with a link to their site if desired.

Winner must reply to notification email with a shipping address (and choice of book—The Benders, Scarecrow, Wendigo, or Route 666) before December 1, 2015. Prize will be mailed via USPS. Contest void where prohibited. You may enter as often as once per day until Halloween.

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The Walking Dead S06E03 Recap: Thank You


Rick Glenn The Walking Dead Thank YouThe Walking Dead left us sad, shocked, and a bit puzzled by the end of “Thank You.” There was so much to process. We were enthralled during most of the episode, but much like Rick and his crew, we were left feeling hopeless and a little scared by the end.

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Doctor Who: David Tennant and Catherine Tate reunite for Tenth Doctor Audio Adventures


big_finish_who_tate_tennant_largeThe Doctor Who universe is vast and deep. Not only has the television series entertained generations of fans, but the world of Doctor Who includes novels, short stories, audio stories, comics, magazines, and stage plays. Now David Tennant and Catherine Tate are returning to the Whoniverse to reprise their roles as the Tenth Doctor and companion Donna Noble in a series of audio dramas. Brilliant! Continue reading

Doctor Who S09E06 Recap: The Woman Who Lived


Maisie Williams Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Season 9In Doctor Who’s “The Woman Who Lived” we discover what has become of Ashidr, “The Girl Who Died.” It’s 1651, 800 years after the Doctor saved her life, giving her immortality. As the centuries have passed she doesn’t remember her original name and her home village, but she has never forgotten the Doctor.

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Supernatural: For the love of an Impala called Baby



In Supernatural, the Impala has always been a home for the Winchesters. They grew up traveling with their father in the Impala, and continue to drive around the country in the car even now. Though they may sometimes stay in crappy hotel rooms, Bobby’s house, or even take up residence in the Bunker, the Winchesters are grounded by the Impala. It’s always kept them connected to each other and to their shared past.

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Doctor Who S09E05 Recap: The Girl Who Died


Doctor Who The Girl Who DiedDoctor Who continues to bring us dramatic two-part episodes as Season 9 progresses. What’s interesting about the most recent pairing of “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived” is that “The Girl Who Died” is an exciting standalone episode with a sense of closure at the end. Season 9 of Doctor Who continues to be a very strong season, even if the fifth episode doesn’t quite stand up to the previous four.

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