Monster of the Week: The Siren

John William Waterhouse, The Siren, 1900

The Siren (1900) by John William Waterhouse

Temptation can take many forms, but the fear of being seduced by the song of a siren has haunted mankind for millennia. From a secluded island home, Sirens enthrall passing sailors with their supernatural song. Their voices cast doom on those who hear their call.

Their song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption.”
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Fear the Walking Dead S02E01 Review: Monster

Strand drink Fear the Walking Dead Monster

Rule #1: It’s Strand’s boat

Fear the Walking Dead returns with the Season 2 premiere “Monster.” The series started with a blended family dealing with their own challenges, then quickly grew into a group of survivors banded together through luck and circumstance. This family has had better luck that most, after being helped by a man who has already experienced the worst of humanity and another who seems to have planned for the end of the world. After the government collapse, it starts to become clear that people can be just as dangerous as the dead.

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