Supernatural and The Road So Far


road so farDo you get emotional when Supernatural shows “The Road So Far” at the start of each Season finale? Is it caused by listening to “Carry On Wayward Son,” mourning the end of another Supernatural season, or just seeing everything the boys have been through that year? Though other shows use the “Previously On” approach, few do it as well as Supernatural. Continue reading

Supernatural S11E23 Review: Alpha and Omega


Amara Chuck Supernatural Alpha and OmegaIn “Alpha and Omega,” Supernatural stays true to what matters to them—family. Even the surprises they throw at us reinforce the importance of familial relationships. Supernatural has been able to stay on the air for over a decade by giving us scary monsters, but grounding it in the special bond between Sam and Dean Winchester. Throughout Season 11 we saw the power of family relationships—not just in the Winchesters, but through Chuck and Lucifer, Rowena and Crowley, and God and the Darkness. The Season 11 finale “Alpha and Omega” culminated with Dean getting what he needs the most—his family. Supernatural knows we love monsters, the battle between good and evil, and witty metafiction, but that it’s the bonds of family that keep us coming back. Continue reading