Supernatural and The Road So Far

road so farDo you get emotional when Supernatural shows “The Road So Far” at the start of each Season finale? Is it caused by listening to “Carry On Wayward Son,” mourning the end of another Supernatural season, or just seeing everything the boys have been through that year? Though other shows use the “Previously On” approach, few do it as well as Supernatural.

The Supernatural editors who create “The Road So Far” montage for the season finale, as well as the weekly “Then” segments, know what they’re doing. The “Then” recap segments have gotten better and better over the years. They remind us of what’s important by pulling in the most interesting and relevant clips from the 11 seasons that have passed.

“The Road So Far” is an animal unto itself. It’s an extended recap segment that shows us the important points in the Supernatural season and what has led to the season finale showdown. The editors manage to make these segments exciting, funny, and poignant. “The Road So Far” for the Season 11 finale was another extremely well-done piece, giving us an emotional start to “Alpha and Omega.”

2 thoughts on “Supernatural and The Road So Far

  1. It’s a bittersweet moment to watch The Road So Far montage each year. It’s fun to see so many great scenes and great characters make an appearance yet sad to realize another great season has come to an end.

    Great write up as usual, keep them coming!

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