Supernatural S11E21 Recap: All in the Family

Hello God Supernatural All in the FamilyThe Winchesters have finally come face to face with God. The moment that many Supernatural fans have waited for has arrived, and they’ve got some stuff to hash out. “All in the Family” brings the excitement, disappointment, and questions that come with finally getting to talk to God. In characteristic Supernatural fashion, “All in the Family” brings together the themes of sacrifice and family.

Kevin Tran Supernatural All in the FamilyAt first Sam and Dean aren’t sure if it’s really Chuck, God, or something else. Chuck transports them to the bunker, which goes some way towards convincing them. Then Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement & Prophet of the Lord, suddenly appears behind Chuck. He tells the Winchesters, “Its cool. Trust Chuck. Whatever it is he needs you to do he must think you can handle it.” A firm endorsement from a prophet can never hurt. Chuck thinks that Kevin has been in the veil long enough, and sends him off to the Heaven matrix. Dean expresses what we’re all thinking: “Holy crap.”

Who’s Disappointed Now?

Dean disappointed Supernatural All in the FamilyLater, Sam and Dean are relaxing in the bunker with God, just cool and casual. Well, not exactly. Dean isn’t cool with Chuck, and Sam certainly isn’t casual. Sam stumbles nervously, excited to actually talk to God. He’s always been a man of faith and tells Chuck, “I–I–I prayed and I–but I don’t know if they got, uh, lost in the spam or if …”

Dean points out that Sam is babbling, and Chuck turns his attention to Dean, recognizing that Dean’s not exactly up with God. Despite concerns about God’s wrath, Dean questions Chuck about his absence:

“I’m guessing you came back to help with the Darkness, and that’s great. That’s, you know, It’s fantastic. But you’ve been gone a long, long time. And there’s so much crap that has gone down on the earth for thousands of years. I mean, plagues and wars, slaughters. And you were, I don’t know, writing books, going to fan conventions. Were you even aware, or did you just tune it out?”

Chuck explains Supernatural All in the FamilyChuck was real hands-on back in the day, but when humanity refused to grow up and take responsibility, He decided he needed to step away. Chuck tells Dean, “Being over-involved is no longer parenting. It’s enabling.” Guess that’s why he had that “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. Dean, shedding some manly tears, points out that when Chuck disappeared things didn’t get better. Chuck sees it differently.

Dean: “Well from where I sit if feels like You left us and You’re trying to justify it.
Chuck: “I know you had a complicated upbringing Dean, but don’t confuse Me with your dad.”

Bringing up John Winchester—low blow, Chuck. Unless you actually bring up John Winchester (or bring down, whichever the case may be). That would be pretty cool. But let’s face it: Supernatural already gave us John Winchester in “Baby.” And since four out of the eight characters we predicted could return in Season 11 have already made an appearance, let’s hope we check off a few more before the season is over. We’re rooting for Gabriel.

At the bunker, Chuck describes the Darkness as relentless. Sam notes it must have been tough to have her as a sibling. Chucks agrees it was the worst: “Always telling Me what to do, making Me do what she wanted. I mean, you guys know how that works.” Sam and Dean glance at each other uneasily. Way to make things awkward, Chuck. Despite Amara’s burning desire to confront her brother, she’s warded herself against Him, so even Chuck with His god powers doesn’t know where she is. Chuck figures the boys will eventually find her: “I’ve always had faith in you, even if you didn’t return the favor.” In the meantime, He’s going to take a shower. After all, godliness is next to cleanliness.

Before Chuck leaves, Dean and Sam nervously bring up Lucifer, and whether God needs him to defeat the Darkness. Seems like a sore subject. Chuck isn’t thrilled that Sam let him loose … again. Chuck figures that prison time hasn’t done Lucifer any favors and expects he’s even worse than he was at the Fall. Lucifer could’ve even aligned with Amara by now, and Chuck’s not walking into that trap. He adds, “Thus spake the Lord” for good measure.

Lucifer Supernatural All in the FamilyWhile Sam and Dean get reacquainted with Chuck as God, Amara is torturing Lucifer. She wants him to call out to his Father, but Lucifer resists. Instead he mocks Amara, pointing out that at least his Pops made … everything, while Amara only wanted nothingness. He tells her, “You’re strong, Amara. You may defeat Him. But you will never be Him.” Satan burn!

Amara realizes that something has changed. Lucifer suggests, “Maybe Dad picked up on your slaughterfest.” Amara thinks God is a spoiled brat. There’s no love lost between these two siblings. She wanted solitude and He wanted a fan club. Lucifer tells Amara to stop her whining, so she knocks him out. Don’t mess with Amara.

Plan A: Find Amara

At the bunker, Sam and Dean have been googling for signs of Amara. Wonder what search terms they’re using? Exasperated, Dean says out loud, “C’mon, Amara; where are you?” and is surprised to get a response. Amara appears to Dean, telling him that neither Lucifer nor his vessel Castiel are doing well. She blames her Brother for allowing this to happen by doing nothing. Kind of warped logic, but that’s just how Amara’s thinking works.

After his Amara vision, Dean goes to find Sam, who is searching the internet for signs. Sam wishes Rowena were there to help. Us too, but mostly ‘cause she’s awesome. The Winchesters don’t know how to find Amara. They begin to talk about their newest roomie. Apparently Chuck sleeps in, takes really long showers, and sings crappy old folk songs. Dean had to tell God to cool it like three times. Sam takes a more positive approach:

“You know, I know this is a really strange situation and all, but it’s also really amazing, you know? I mean, it’s God. There’s so many things I want to ask Him, like, the planets, you know? Why are they round? Or ears. I always thought they were strange.”

Dean tells Sam, “Okay, fanboy, calm down,” then tells him about his Amara vision. Sam sees Chuck coming and shushes Dean. That’s right, Sam shushed Dean when Chuck came into the room. What happened to being an all-knowing, all-seeing god?

Chuck robe Supernatural All in the FamilyChuck comes into the room wearing Dean’s robe and eating Voodoo doughnuts. Both God and Death certainly enjoy humanity’s food. With powdered sugar on his face, Chuck explains that He had to walk away from Lucifer because he was “too much drama.” Then Chuck asks if they have any bacon. “You eat bacon?” Dean asks. What doesn’t this guy eat?

They learn that Amara launched another toxic fog attack, but in this one thousands of people died and stayed dead—all except for one man. Chuck defends His inaction, telling the boys, “She’s baiting Me. I can’t respond every time. I won’t be manipulated.”

While enjoying some alcoholic beverages at a bar, Metatron also learns of the toxic fog. He sees an image on the news from the Idaho Springs incident—it’s Sam and Dean meeting up with Chuck. He calls Dean (“Scribe calling” on his cell) and tells him he has some information regarding Chuck and they have to meet in person. What is Metatron up to?

Sam and Dean pay a visit to Professor Donatello Renfield, toxic fog survivor. Donatello (like the painter, not the Ninja Turtle) is now having visions of Amara and end-of-the-world-level destruction. The Winchesters aren’t sure if the god power to create the prophet came from Chuck or from Amara. Has she created her own prophet? We still don’t really know how prophets are created, except that it involves lightning. Added bonus, Donatello got a little Harry Potter-like wound on his forehead. Is he the chosen one? Well, he can read Enochian, so that’s a start. Amara appears to Dean. She wants to meet with him—alone. Boy, everybody wants to meet with the Winchesters. These guys are in high demand.

They drive back to the bunker with Donatello in tow. He’s having a hard time accepting his new role—“I can’t be a prophet; I’m an atheist”—especially once they tell him they need him to find Amara so they can rescue Lucifer. He tries to jump out of the back seat, but the doors are locked. Dean tells him, “Sometimes we keep monsters in the back.”

Chuck hello Lucifer Supernatural All in the FamilyChuck’s sitting at the bunker in His boxers, eating Chinese food and watching curling on Dean’s computer. Chuck tells Dean, “I’ve never seen so much porn. Not in one sitting.” Dean makes a face. Dean tells Him Donatello’s coming by and asks Chuck to dial back the God stuff. When Donatello meets his celestial magnificence, he asks if it’s a problem that he was an atheist until about 10 minutes ago. Chuck replies, “Not for Me. I mean, I believe in Me. But your skepticism is to be expected. I did include freewill in the kit.” He winks and welcomes him aboard.

Plan B: Sacrifice

Sam and Dean meet Metatron at a bar, where “Crooked Little Man” by Trini Lopez plays. Dean motions for the man sitting next to Metatron to move over. We like tough-guy Dean. Dean isn’t excited about the margaritas, but we’re pretty excited about all the fun details the set designers created for this great bar. Sam and Dean get straight to business, telling Metatron not to pull any crap. Metatron tells them that when Chuck meets with Amara, “He’s gonna … sacrifice Himself. Let her do what she wants with Him.”

The Winchesters don’t have any reason to believe Metatron, but he shows them Chuck’s autobiography. He tells them, “Ignore the typos, but read it. It’s in His own words. It’s not an autobiography; it’s a suicide note.”

Dean Chuck Supernatural All in the FamilyDean meets Chuck at a park, where He watches the children play. He loves to watch kids rebuild their towers even after they keep falling. Dean confronts Him about his plan to give himself up to Amara. Chuck asks, “You think I’m a dick. What do you care?” Dean acknowledges that Chuck did some good stuff. Chuck thinks his plan is strategy, not suicide. He’s going to trade himself for everything he created. Dean warns Him that Amara won’t just cage Him; she’ll destroy Him and then destroy the world. Chuck has a backup plan:

“If my plan doesn’t work, then humans will step up. You, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way. That’s why I saved you years ago. You’re the firewall between light and darkness.”

Dean tells Chuck it’s He who has to take Amara out, but Chuck just looks at him. Well, Dean is used to having father figures dump huge responsibilities into his lap at the final hour.

Plan C: Rescue

Dean has his own strategy though. Back at the bunker he tells Donatello if they get Lucifer for the added muscle that maybe God will join in the fight. Sam brings Metatron into the bunker, telling him not to touch anything. When he thanks Dean for inviting him, Dean responds, “Inviting you? You’ve been circling the building all night. You sent me 200 text messages with dumbass emojis. You got three minutes.” This may be our favorite line of the episode. Sure, Jensen Ackles can shed a tear like no one’s business, but he also has amazing comedic timing.

Metatron offers the Winchesters his skills. His résumé includes transcribing the angel tablet, knowledge of spells, and experience with God. Dean is suspicious, wondering why Metatron suddenly gives a damn. Metatron tells them, “I was by His side since the Creation. He believed in me. If there’s something I can do to help save Him and his Creation, then it seems like I should. ” Dean tells him the plan is to rescue Lucifer and then convince Chuck to use him to fight Amara.

Amara Dean Winchester Supernatural All in the FamilyDean meets with Amara, keeping her busy while the others attempt to liberate Lucifer. Amara has missed Dean and the sensations he arouses. Whoa, Amara, it’s a family show. Dean tells her, “There can be no us.” Amara’s not ready to buy Dean’s heartbreaker act, pointing out he remains despite his words.

Sam Metatron Donatello resuce Lucifer Supernatural All in the FamilyThe Lucifer rescue squad is composed of Donatello, Metatron, and Sam, also known as Larry, Curly, Moe to Lucifer. Metatron chants incantations, trying to figure out how to free Lucifer from his supernatural bondage. Sam tells Lucifer that he must agree to work with them to get rid of Amara, and forget his beef with God. Lucifer doesn’t give a direct answer, instead responding angrily, “You see what’s she’s done to me? Do I look like a fan?” Sam asks if working with his Father is going to be a problem for Lucifer.

Lucifer: “That’s family. This is bigger.”
Sam: “So you’ll table the old stuff.”
Lucifer: “What happens in Heaven stays in Heaven.”

Dean continues to keep Amara busy. She wonders why he won’t consider her offer when the world’s destruction is inevitable. She asks him to “give up your smallness, your humanity, and become boundless within me.” Her offer doesn’t sound that enticing. Amara asks Dean why he’s fighting his feelings, pointing out that “Something stops you, keeps you from having it all.” Yes, Amara, that “something” is called Sam Winchester. Then she realizes there’s been a change, that Dean has seen God. She whispers, “You betrayed me.”

Sam Donatello with Lucifer Supernatural All in the FamilyMetatron manages to free Satan from his bonds, but Lucifer can’t zap them away. All the torture has resulted in an equipment malfunction and Lucifer is grounded. Amara is coming, and Metatron tells Sam to go without him: “I’m serious. I got this.” Sam carries his old nemesis Satan out of the building, which feels strange. Looks like Sam has put aside his own fear and anger to do what he needs to in order to save the world. That’s so Sam Winchester.

Metatron Supernatural All in the FamilyMetatron begins writing a symbol with his blood. When Amara arrives, she’s surprised to find “the secretary.” He smiles and hits the mark. Light appears, but Amara remains. Ruh Roh. Amara snarls, “You were kidding with that, weren’t you?” Metatron makes a final plea on behalf of God: “He meant well. Spare the universe,” which doesn’t go over well with Amara. Metatron disappears into her coil of gray smoke. Who could have predicted that Metatron would sacrifice himself to save others? Though he probably was hoping his spell would work. Seeing Chuck again after so much time inspired Metatron to be better. Curtis Armstrong did an amazing job playing the reformed scribe.

Amara Supernatural All in the FamilyRarely do we get to see Sam drive the Impala, but here he is speeding away with Donatello and Lucifer. He is doing a damn find job until Amara steps in front of the car. Amara is angry. Looks like Dean might have broken her heart with his betrayal. She intones, “You really aren’t worth sparing. None of you,” and prepares to destroy them all. Suddenly Sam, Lucifer, and Donatello find themselves still the Impala, but inside the bunker. Sure, Amara seemed angry, but wait until Dean finds out Baby is trapped in the basement. Then you’ll see some real anger. Let’s home Chuck will zap it back outside. Chuck appears with a six-pack (the beer kind), and tells them, “Occasionally I do answer a prayer.”

Together Again

Chuck Supernatural All in the FamilyGod is finally reunited with His rebellious son Lucifer, whom He had locked in the cage for eons. It’s awkward. Chuck says, “You’ve changed.” When Lucifer responds in kind, it’s not clear if Lucifer is mocking or genuine. Regardless, Lucifer seems a bit taken aback. Chuck tells Lucifer, “Well, still, I’m really pretty much the same,” and heals the archangel. They stare at each other. Lucifer straightens up, and then seeming more like his normal self, begins to glare menacingly at his Father. Chuck returns his hard gaze. Actors Misha Collins and Rob Benedict give us a world of information through their eyes and the smallest of movements. Doesn’t seem like the friendliest of family reunions.

Donatello is returning home to sort it all out. Won’t his neighborhood be a ghost town after the fog killed everyone? Sam tells him, “Stay tuned, we may need you.”

Sam asks Dean about his interaction with Amara. Dean tells Sam that Amara wants him to be a part of her forever, literally. We know how Amara feels about their connection, but how does Dean? He seems to be fighting his desire to join with her, but will he be able to continue to do so? What role will their connection play as the Winchesters attempt to defeat the Darkness?

Amara Supernatural All in the Family“All in the Family” returns Lucifer to the fold, but it’s still not clear how the Darkness can be defeated even with his help. Can there be reconciliation between Lucifer and Chuck? Or even between God and Amara? Supernatural is rolling up on the Season 11 finale, which looks to be a good one.

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