The Walking Dead S07E11 Review: Hostiles and Calamities


dwight-eugene-the-walking-dead-hostiles-and-calamitiesThe Walking Dead returns to the dreadful Sanctuary in “Hostiles and Calamities.” After being taken by Negan, Eugene learns that the Sanctuary offers both extreme danger and unusual reward. Eugene isn’t the only one trying to negotiate a difficult situation at the Sanctuary, as Dwight finds himself dealing with the aftermath of Daryl’s escape. “Hostiles and Calamities” was directed by Kari Skogland (“The Next World”) and written by David Leslie Johnson (“Swear,” “Triggerfinger,” and “Chupacabra”). The Walking Dead reminds us that life at the Sanctuary is complicated. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E10 Review: New Best Friends


rick-jadus-the-walking-dead-new-best-friendsThe Walking Dead finally gives us the reunion we’ve been hoping for in “New Best Friends.” The focus is on the Kingdom and a new Borg-like group known as The Scavengers, making for a very interesting episode. A war with the Saviors is on the horizon; it’s just a matter of who will join and when. “New Best Friends” shows us that the enemy of my enemy might be my friend, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E09 Review: Rock in the Road


carl-jesus-the-walking-dead-rock-in-the-roadThe Walking Dead midseason premiere, “Rock in the Road,” reveals that the revolution will be televised, eventually. Every overthrow requires alliance building, the amassing of resources, and mobilization. Now that Rick has decided they must fight, the preparation begins, but with mixed results. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E06 Review: Swear


tara-oceanside-the-walking-dead-swearIn “Swear,” the world of The Walking Dead expands with the introduction of a new community called Oceanside. It becomes apparent that the Saviors’ reach is far and wide, and highly lethal. Tara and Heath have been scavenging and have no idea what’s happened to the people of Alexandria. Sure, Heath is angst-ridden and Tara runs into some problems, but it feels good to get away from it all and see something new. With “Swear,” The Walking Dead even gives us something different with the dead. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E05 Review: Go Getters


maggie-sasha-graves-the-walking-dead-go-gettersThe Walking Dead reveals the fate of Maggie and Sasha with an episode at the Hilltop Colony. The Saviors aren’t going away anytime soon, and the problems that existed at the Hilltop remain. While the fate of Maggie and Sasha is determined, Enid and Carl take a journey to the Hilltop. The dead abound, both in memory and as walkers, but “Go Getters” focuses on how the living move forward. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S07E04 Review: Service


negan-gate-the-walking-dead-serviceThere’s no relief in sight on The Walking Dead. The latest episode, “Service,” continues the dreadful march of Season 7, with Negan knocking on the gates of Alexandria. It’s time for Negan’s newest tributary to pay up and show their submission. The dead make post-apocalyptic life difficult, but it’s the living who really push the boundaries.

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The Walking Dead S07E03 Review: The Cell


dwight-the-walking-dead-the-cellAfter last week’s momentary reprieve, The Walking Dead plunges their recently traumatized audience into the horror of the Sanctuary. In “The Cell,” we learn that the Sanctuary is no haven, except to those who agree to be a part of the torture and violence demanded by Negan. And even among those chosen few, the tasks required of them provide them no peace. As we saw in the season premiere, to be a part of Negan’s crew they must be prepared to participate in persecution and murder. The Walking Dead may be overestimating viewers’ tolerance for watching beloved characters be brutalized.

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