Teen Wolf S06E09 Recap: Memory Found

lydia-scott-malia-teen-wolf-memory-foundIn “Memory Found,” we find that most of Beacon Hills has been trapped in train station oblivion by those pesky Ghost Riders. Scott is determined to remember Stiles so he can bring everyone back. It’s not entirely clear how recovering memories of Stiles has become the Holy Grail of Teen Wolf. If we can’t get the actual Dylan O’Brien on the Teen Wolf set due to his big deal movie career, we might as well settle for a clipshow of his emotional moments throughout the years. Why not? It’s not as if we’ve been rewatching these scenes on YouTube during the Stiles drought. Certainly not.

Facing a Bolivian Army of Ghost Riders

theo-teen-wolf-memory-foundWhile Lydia, Malia, and Scott learn about refrigeration techniques, Sheriff Stilinski and Liam find Theo still locked up at the Sheriff’s station. With all the deputies in train station oblivion, Theo has been desperate to taunt someone. When Sheriff Stilinski threatens to fill Theo with bullets if he crosses them, Theo tartly responds, “I’m an atheist. Fire at will.” Throwing around the a-word on cable TV—now we know he’s a villain. Stilinski demands that Theo share something he remembers about Scott. Theo grudgingly admits, “He was smart. Smart enough not to trust me.” This moment of honesty gets Theo released from the cell.

Liam and Sheriff Stilinski want to fight the Ghost Riders, but Theo doesn’t think the three of them can take on five Ghost Riders. It turns out that Theo doesn’t have to worry about those odds because there’s like 20 Ghost Riders waiting outside the door. It looks like Sheriff Stilinski will have to save the family reunion for train station oblivion because the Ghost Riders take him out immediately.

Theo and Liam managed to steal a car and head toward the hospital in an effort to lead the Ghost Riders away from Scott. When Beacon Hills High School is being used in another storyline, there’s only one place left to go­—the basement of the hospital. At least they didn’t go to Eichen House. Just kidding, because it would be awesome to see Ghost Riders at Eichen House. Here’s hoping that the lunatic Ghost Riders are taking over the asylum in 6B. For now, we must go to the hospital, so Theo can relive the dreadful visions of his dead sister taking his heart, and maybe so he can get his redemption.

They Way We Were

scott-lydia-malia-teen-wolf-memory-foundScott, Malia, and Lydia have a plan based on some questionable tenets. The first is that if they can remember Stiles, everyone will be released from train station oblivion. This was based on Sheriff Stilinski seeing Stiles for a moment when remembering him. Seems like a stretch. The second premise is that by using Parrish’s Hellhound freezer, they can go into a trance-like state, similar to what they experienced in their Season 3 ice baths, which will help them to remember Stiles. Though poorly constructed, it’s not the weakest plot device we’ve seen on Teen Wolf, so whatevs.

scott-teen-wolf-memory-foundThe good news is that this scenario requires Scott get partially undressed. It’s about time. Freezing Scott makes him go all alpha, and just before he loses consciousness, he remembers Stiles. When Malia is concerned that Scott is going to freeze to death Lydia points out that his memories might kill him first. Good times.

Lydia wants Scott to go down memory lane “IN THE HIGH SCHOOL.” What’s up with the shouting Lydia? Must they always return to Beacon Hills High School, or the hospital, for that matter? But who are we trying to kid? We love the empty hallways of BHHS after dark. And, using the lockers to contain separate memories is a clever idea.

When Scott seems to falter, Malia suggests he needs to connect an emotional memory. She tells Scott that Stiles described them as brothers. When his heart rate drops too much, they bring Scott out of the fridge.

scott-malia-teen-wolf-memory-foundMalia takes on the task, pointing out that Stiles was the first person she connected with after returning from her coyote lifestyle. With Malia, Lydia suggests using library books as the memory metaphor, which is surprising because these kids hate reading. We’d thought Malia would remember she and Stiles being frisky, but instead, she has a sweet memory of when he promised not to leave her behind. Her memory starts to create a rift, but they have to take her out before she freezes to death.

Bait and Switch

At the hospital, there’s a bunch of shoving going on.

Theo: “I’m on your side as long as it helps me.”
Liam: “Trust me, I know.”

liam-growls-teen-wolf-memory-foundScott and Liam are threatening to use each other as bait for the Ghost Riders. We see the riders enter through the emergency room doors, making quite a mess with their fall leaves. They’ve brought a surprisingly large posse to deal with these two werewolves. They must be pretty desperate to finish the job and get the hell out of Beacon Hills.

ghost-rider-teen-wolf-memory-foundLiam and Theo have a last stand against the Ghost Riders at the hospital. Theo manages to kill one with something shiny. Then a few more Ghost Riders are killed with their own weapons turned against them. With Liam and Theo beating Ghost Riders in a fist fight, these creatures of the Wild Hunt becomes start to seem much less menacing. Despite this small victory, there are many more riders approaching. Theo throws Liam in the elevator and presses the button.

Liam: “What are you doing?”
Theo: “Being the bait.”

Does Theo get his redemption? We’re not sure since we don’t really know what happened to him, nor if he had some secret motive. You can’t be certain of anything with Theo.

Memories Light the Corners of My Mind

lydia-teen-wolf-memory-foundBack at the Argent Bunker, it seems it’s all up to the Banshee to finish the job. We don’t really buy that Lydia and Stiles have a stronger connection that Scott and Stiles. The Sciles bromance is the heart of the show. But we get it, loose ends. The writers want to tie up the Stydia story by the end of Season 6.

The freezer method is no good for Lydia; instead, she needs old-fashioned hypnotism. Maybe that would have been a good option for Malia and Scott, instead of almost freezing them to death. Using the remote control for her own metaphor (that’s more like it!), Lydia starts remembering all the times she rejected Stiles. We’re hoping she’ll remember that time Void Stiles chased Lydia and the real Stiles down the BHHS hallways. That’s our fav Stiles and Lydia scene. Instead, Lydia remembers when she kissed Stiles to stop his panic attack, back in Season 3.

Lydia: “That’s when it happened.”
Scott: “When what happened? Lydia, what do you mean? When what happened?”
Lydia: “When I kissed him, that’s when it all changed.”

lydia-remembers-teen-wolf-memory-foundDoes it bother anyone else that Malia is sitting RIGHT THERE? Stiles was pretty much a jerk to Malia last season when she was stressing about her murderous mom, and now there’s the implication that Lydia and Stiles had romantic feelings for each other since Season 3? And what about the smoldering, age-inappropriate romance brewing between Parrish and Lydia last season? Was all our moral outrage for nothing?

Lydia remembers being with Stiles when the Ghost Riders took him. When she remembers that he told her that he loved her, she becomes distraught. She says, “I never said it back.” Suddenly the rift opens and someone is standing in the light. Lydia calls out, “Stiles?” Of course we’re hopeful it’s Stiles, but we’re thinking it might be the Werewolf Nazi, Mr. Douglas. Or even Peter Hale, if he’s been hanging around the rift entrance again. Whoever it is, we won’t be seeing more than his silhouette in “Memory Found.” Teen Wolf wants to keep us waiting, so we’ll have to wait for the winter finale for the big reveal.

4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S06E09 Recap: Memory Found

  1. I’ve only seen the last season and this one.
    Have there been indications that Lydia returned his feelings at all? This feels like retconning lol
    I knew he had feelings for Lydia, but he had some cute scenes with Malia.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. His crush on Lydia is a big part of the first couple seasons. There were periods you thought Teen Wolf might show Lydia starting to fall for Stiles, but it either resulted in her connecting with a different male or just focused on her deepening friendship with him. Personally, I think they could have done more than provide a flashback for Lydia to realize that she has more than friendzone feelings for Stiles. Perhaps Dylan O’Brien’s change in film schedule prevented the possibility of such a narrative.

    I liked Malia and Stiles, but he never gave her the romantic focus so she deserved. Teen Wolf did give us indications along the way that Stiles wasn’t really over Lydia. It’s just Lydia’s feelings for Stiles that could have used more development.


  3. I hear you on the flashback!
    Some shows are really good at leaving very subtle little clues like breadcrumbs over seasons but this felt like it was coming out of nowhere.
    Let her smile when she hears his name, throw in a wistful look here and there, look at him a little too long before shaking it off, something lol

    Stiles’ character is such a gem; that highlighter scene with Malia was adorable.

    I guess it’s so close to the end but the show has a huge fanbase and potential just to be let down by the writing.

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  4. PS I’m so glad I came across the site for recaps because I took my eyes off the screen for 10 seconds last ep. and had no clue what happened to Sheriff Stilinski lol

    Liked by 1 person

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