Wayward Pines S01E03 Recap: Our Town, Our Law


Burke Family Wayward Pines Our Town our LawThe world of Wayward Pines is way more complicated than Special Agent Ethan Burke expected. Ethan has already gotten Beverly Brown killed in the episode “Do Not Discuss Your Life Before.” Who’s next? It seems like Ethan needs his own set of rules as he fumbles through his “investigation” of Wayward Pines. We see in “Our Town, Our Law” that Ethan is pretty much useless at following any kind of rules.

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Doctor Who Book Review: Only Human


Doctor Who only human 2013Written by: Gareth Roberts
Release: 2005
Reprinted in 2013 to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
Publisher: BBC Books Edition
Paperback: 240 pages
Available as a kindle ebook and an unabridged Audible Audiobook from Amazon.


Only Human is a story about the Ninth Doctor,  featuring companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness. The tale starts out in modern-day Bromley, where a Neanderthal man, Das, finds himself at a fancy dress party. The Doctor and Rose travel back to the Paleolithic Era to find the time-travel source, while Captain Jack Harkness tries to help Das adjust to the modern world. The Doctor and Rose find advanced humans studying groups of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. As they seek to understand the mysteries of the advanced humans, it becomes evident there is a non-human threat as well. Continue reading

iZombie S01E10 Review: Mr. Berserk


Babs & LivAs the first season of iZombie heads toward its conclusion, the show continues on its path of being less a simple procedural drama and more a zombie apocalypse saga, as we learn more about the possible evil facilitators of the Seattle zombie outbreak—and the possibility of zombie events in other parts of the country as well. In Episode 10, “Mr. Berserk,” written by Dierdre Mangan & Graham Norris and directed by Jason Bloom, Liv (Rose McIver) must deal with the aftermath of her boyfriend’s murder by Blaine (David Anders) while experiencing the brain of an alcoholic investigative reporter. Ravi gets a few steps closer to finally telling Major (Robert Buckley) the truth about Seattle’s zombie infestation, and the Seattle PD brass falls under further suspicion by those in the know about Team Z. Continue reading

Game of Thrones S05E07: The Gift


Sansa Game of Thrones The GiftGame of Thrones episode 7, “The Gift,” demonstrates that if winter hasn’t come, it’s well on the way. Watching all the political maneuvering in the Seven Kingdoms, one can’t help but wonder if any of it will matter if the White Walkers get past the Wall. While the White Walkers wait for winter to arrive, the power players in Westeros attempt to use force, authority, influence, and money to achieve their ends. In “The Gift” we see that power is not easily gained or preserved when it comes to the Game of Thrones.

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Supernatural Parody of “Shake it Off”

Hilly Hindi angel dancers Supernatural Parody

Even dancing with angels doesn’t keep Dean Winchester from enjoying a burger in Supernatural Parody

Season 10 of Supernatural has come to an end, but now you can revisit the highlights to the tune of young Dean Winchester’s favorite song in Supernatural Parody. In The Hillywood Show‘s latest music video we revisit Dean Winchester’s struggle with the Mark of Cain through a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”The screenplay was written by Hilly Hindi, and the video was directed by sister Hannah Hindi. Dean Winchester is played by Hilly and Hannah plays Castiel. Osric Chau (Kevin Tran of Supernatural) gives us a shorter version of Sam Winchester. Though Osric sports a fantastic Sam wig, he can’t compete with the flowing locks worn by Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley of Supernatural) who played the part of Cain. Supernatural Parody shows us that even Demon Dean can’t resist a catchy tune.

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Wayward Pines S01E02 Recap: Do Not Discuss Your Life Before


WaywardPines_DinnerEthan Burke still doesn’t know what’s going on in Wayward Pines, but he is beginning to learn there are rules and consequences. After being pulled over by Sheriff Pope for trying to escape stealing a car, Ethan learns the first rule of Wayward Pines: “ Don’t try to leave, Mr. Burke. That’s rule number one.” Even neighborhood kids passing by on bikes know the rules and are ready to remind the newest members of their town.

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Supernatural S10E23 Recap: Brother’s Keeper


gr Sam Deean bar dead Supernatural Brother's KeeperThe title of Supernatural’s Season 10 finale, “Brother’s Keeper,” refers to Cain’s response to God after killing Abel from Genesis 4:9: “And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is they brother Abel? And he said, I know not; Am I my brother’s keeper?” By the end of “The Prisoner,” Dean has turned away from Castiel and Sam, becoming increasingly consumed by the darkness of the Mark of Cain. Cain predicted that Dean was destined to follow his path in “The Executioner’s Song,”­ and we have already seen Dean almost kill Castiel. Will Sam suffer the same fate as Abel? Or can Sam finally save his brother? Supernatural has got our attention with “Brother’s Keeper.”

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iZombie S01E09 Review: Patriot Brains


28 milliseconds laterIn Episode 9 of iZombie, “Patriot Brains,” Liv takes on sniper skills along with a case of PTSD, Ravi stays un-undead, and we ostensibly learn how to kill a zombie … and how not to. Written by Robert Forman and directed by Guy Bee, this installment takes us to some pretty dark places.

For those viewers wondering where all the existential horror of being brain-eaters has been for the zombies on this show—well, here it finally is. Last week’s show ended with Liv experiencing the terrifying last living moments of poor young Jerome. And as if that weren’t bad enough, she got her sample of Jerome’s cerebellum from her boyfriend Lowell, whereby she learns that he’s getting his meals from Blaine’s murderous meat market. She’s horrified and furious, but it’s Lowell who really takes on the full brunt of what he’s done (and who he’s eaten) when he admits to himself that he just didn’t want to know the truth about where his meals were coming from. Lowell is contrite, lovelorn, filled with self-loathing—and not long for this earth. Continue reading