5 TV Shows to Obsess Over if You Love Supernatural

What would Cas watch?

What would Cas watch?

After surpassing 200 episodes, Supernatural continues to give us television that is exciting, fun, scary, and emotionally driven. Though the show was originally intended to be five seasons long, it has continued because viewers appreciate the compelling characters, well written storylines, and what the actors bring to Supernatural. When having a craving to watch the Winchesters protect each other or battle evil, there are some other television shows that Supernatural fans may enjoy as well. See why Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, The 100, Constantine, or Spooked could become your new obsession.

Teen Wolf   [MTV]

Like Supernatural, Teen Wolf has a devoted fan base, and for good reason. Teen Wolf portrays a group of friends who function as a pack, led by werewolf Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey). Despite the name, it’s not just about werewolves, but also includes banshees, kitsune, wendigo, and other shapeshifters. Hunters are also part of the Teen Wolf mythology. Teen Wolf also stars fan favorites Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, Tyler Hoechlin as Derek, and Holland Roden as Lydia.

Scott McCall, Teen Wolf

Scott McCall, Leader of the Pack

Like Supernatural, the Teen Wolf cast is easy on the eyes, but the actual reason to watch is because the show is driven by strong storylines, good characters, and an interesting mythology. For instance, the story arc of Season Three centered on Japanese spirits and creatures, while incorporating the history of how the American government interned Japanese-Americans during World War II. This story arc allowed for an impressive performance by Dylan O’Brien as Stiles who struggles with a Japanese spirit. Though adults are involved with helping Scott and his pack conquer their mystical foes, the action is driven by high school students. Don’t let bias about teen shows or MTV keep you from watching, because Teen Wolf is not easily boxed in as an adolescent drama. Teen Wolf has strong characters, fascinating creatures, intriguing narratives, and witty dialogue. If that isn’t enough to convince you to dive in, here’s 10 reasons you should be watching Teen Wolf. You can watch Teen Wolf on MTV and stream episodes through Amazon Instant Video.

Video clip: Teen Wolf – Season 6 Promo 

The Walking Dead   [AMC]

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television today. We are riveted to our screens each week because we are deeply invested in the characters. The Walking Dead draws upon our deepest human emotions—fear, love, loyalty, loss, and grief—in telling a story of survival and family amidst unrelenting dangers and chaos. This compelling tale of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where humans must fight against the dead has kept us engaged for five seasons.

Post-apocalytic Atlanta

Post-apocalyptic Atlanta

Some outstanding actors on the series include Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Melissa McBride (Carol), Steven Yuen (Glenn), and Lauren Cohan (Maggie). The actors are able to convey a great deal of emotion and information through the concisely written dialogue. Despite the fact that the cause of the dead being reanimated is biologically based, not a paranormal force, walkers will always have a supernatural feel to us. The Walking Dead is certainly more violent and less humorous than Supernatural, but the themes of family and loyalty run through both these series. If you want to catch up on recent episodes, check out our The Walking Dead recaps. You can watch The Walking Dead at AMC, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video.

Video clip: The Walking Dead – Season 5 Promo 

The 100   [CW]

The 100 is a fascinating television series, that just might surprise you. It has moved past its Lord of the Flies beginning, becoming one of the best shows on TV today. The story takes place 97 years after nuclear war has wiped out most of the population of Earth. Some humans survived in orbiting space stations, collectively known as the Ark, while others have managed to survive on the ground.

Grounder leader Anya meets with Clarke

Grounder leader Anya meets with Clarke

A group of 100 juvenile prisoners, which includes Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Finn (Thomas McDonnell), Octavia (Marie Averopoulus), and stowaway Belamy (Bob Morley), is sent down to Earth in a last-ditch plan to see if the ground is inhabitable. Meanwhile, Clark’s mother, Dr. Griffin (Paige Turco); Councillor Kane (Henry Ian Cusick); and Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington) strive to find a solution to the diminishing resources on the Ark. The fast-paced narrative creates changing circumstances and new enemies in each season of The 100. We see cultural clashes between military and civilians, adolescents and adults, grounders and Ark survivors, and the Mountain Men and everybody else. Like Supernatural, The 100 is a CW show. What both Supernatural and The 100 do well is clearly convey each of the main characters’ perspectives and how their views conflict or merge. As characters gain insight through experience or as their circumstances change, these CW shows are able to reflect the manner in which their outlook changes or evolves, sometimes resolving conflict or creating new disagreements. In this way, both Supernatural and The 100 provide their audience with moral complexity and the evolution of ideas. If you haven’t been watching The 100, catch up on Netflix or the CW.

Video clip: The 100 – Official Trailer

Constantine   [NBC]

Constantine brings the Hellblazer comic book series to network TV. John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan, is a self-described “Master of the Dark Arts” who fights demons, restless spirits, and monstrous creatures. John is supported in this mission by his seemingly immortal best friend Chas and the psychically gifted Zed, with some occasional appearances by angel Manny. John’s knowledge of the supernatural allows him to take on dangerous threats. Demonic forces are on the increase because of the “Rising Darkness” that John may eventually face. John deals with many of the same threats as the Winchester brothers, but Constantine has its own rich mythology.

 The angel Manny pays a visit to John Constantine

The angel Manny pays a visit to John Constantine

To Supernatural fans it might appear that Constantine replicates some of that world, but the truth is that Constantine comes out of a fully established canon. The show is based on 25 years of Hellblazer comic books plus the 5 years when John Constantine was a featured character in comic book The Saga of the Swamp Thing. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has acknowledged he has been heavily influenced by Hellblazer and created the character Castiel with John Constantine in mind, which is why he gave Castiel the same outfit that John Constantine wears. Though there are many comparisons between the shows, Constantine is much darker. Just check out the terrifying imagery during the opening sequence to see what we mean. John Constantine is hardcore and has even manipulated others into sacrificing themselves at times. The fact that Constantine does not take a family-friendly approach is a good reason for the Supernatural watcher to check it out—it provides a different style and perspective. So far Constantine has been keeping to a Monster of the Week theme, with some story arc references to the “Rising Darkness” and John’s guilty past. This approach allows the new viewer a chance to get invested in Constantine without feeling left behind by the Hellblazer mythology. If you love demon hunting, you should definitely check out Constantine. Though the series was canceled, despite much fan protest, it’s a pretty great first season to watch. See what the fuss was about by checking out our Constantine recaps or watch Constantine on NBC or Amazon Instant video.

Video clip: Constantine – NBC Promo 

Spooked   [Geek & Sundry]

Spooked is a half-hour comedy from Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry network. The Paranormal Investigation Team (P.I.T.) travels around the country investigating poltergeists, demonic possessions, and occult phenomena. P.I.T. is more reminiscent of the Ghostfacers than the Winchesters due to their comedic awkwardness. We love most things from Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry network, and Spooked is no exception. Felicia Day is known by Supernatural fans as Charlie Bradbury, nerdgirl hunter and Queen of Moons. Felicia Day and Bryan Singer are executive producers of Spooked.

P.I.T.'s glorious secret weapon, Piper

P.I.T.’s glorious secret weapon, Piper

The show has some great characters:  Neil Grayston, of Eureka fame, plays Lindsey, a skeptic who reluctantly helps support the team. The team on Spooked is led by ghost hunter Connor (Julian Curtis) and includes his little sister Piper (Shyloh Oostwald), who is not creepy, but instead supernaturally gifted. Rounding out the team are occult specialist Morgan (Ashley Johnson) and paranormal enthusiast and tech support Elliot (Derek Mio). The first episode guest stars Dichen Lachman. The characters from Spooked will grow on you because the show is funny and occasionally moving, all within the context of hunting ghosts and demons. You can stream episodes of Spooked on YouTube .

Video clip:  Spooked – A Paranormal Comedy preview 

There’s a lot of great television out there beyond Supernatural. Check out Constantine, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, The 100, and Spooked and see if they get you hooked. If you already watch any of these shows, share your thoughts on them.

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